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Some references of COW protection in Islam

Some references of Cow Protection in Islam

By Vaishnavapadadhuli Kripaprathi
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1. Islam lays great emphasis on animal rights and man's responsibility for Their welfare. Quran disapproves cow slaughter, "Akar mul bakar fainaha saidul bahaima" which means clustering respect the oven COW leg captain ' 2.Muzaffer Hussain, Padmashri, an eminent Muslim lawyer, and a writer: has a chapter Entitled 'The Cowboy & the Koran' In His latest book 'Islam and Shakahar' (vegetarianism). Selon Hussain, there is NOT a SINGLE SURAH (chapter) in the HOLY QURAN That Allows Any killing of cows or bulls.

Darul Uloom Deoband Fatwa 3. for Muslims nationwide to Avoid slaughtering cows on the occasion of the Forthcoming Id-ul-Zuha on January 11, out of
respect for Hindu sentiments. 

4. Rath- a Sunni Muslim tribe of Rajasthan Protects cows as Their daily life is based on Cow by products. They Were the Muslim patriots Revolted in 1857 against British for Fat Cow in cartridges.

5. There is no single evidence of ANY type of Cow slaughter house in India During Moghul period as Even the Moghul Kings protected Cows. Babar in 'Tuzuk e-Babari' (his autobiography) says that 'the day Mughal emperor Any ignored this will of COW protection, the people or the common citizenry `shall reject him'. * Cow Milk: A blessing for humanity in Islam

6. The famous Iranian philosopher and Islamic scholar Alghazali (1058-1111 AD) Who Established the Islamic Academy of Baghdad says in His book 'Ahya ul Deen' (Revival of Religious Science): "The meat from cows is an illness (marz) , ict is pure milk (safa) qui means clustering good for health and Its ghee is a medicine.

7.Sufi always Nurtured Cows saints, one goshala Such Established by a Sufi Muslim saint is at Nagpur, Maharashtra.
So why brothers to kill this special Creation of God. Think over it. 

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