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song of vibhuti yoga

Swami Sivananda’s Song of Vibhuti Yoga

Hari Om.
For the last two weeks, I have been enjoying listening to the kirtans/bhajans composed and sung by Swami Sivananda ji whose voice has a very unique melody. Coupled with insightful lyrics and beautiful Veena tuning, it is brilliant and capable of taking a seeker into the realm of “Atma-Vichar” or the Enquiry into Self.
Particulary, I was enhcanted with a Saguna and Nirguna Song starting with “Narayanam Bhaje” for Saguna and “Om Om Om..” for Nirguna bhajan. I have always liked Swamiji’s unique gift to spiritual seekers of english music and formulating scriptures into one-liner essences as part of good bhajan.
There are so many Kirtans of them – in English, Hindi and all of them are wonderful to listen to. One such bhajan is actually reflecting on the “Vibhut Yoga” – 10th Chapter of Srimad BhagavadGita, where Lord Krishna give a sample of his Divine attributes to Arjuna. The Vibhuti Yoga deals with the glories and the manifestations of the Lord. Swamiji has extended Vibhuti Yoga to ecnompass a wonderful variety of things. Read the below Lyrics and listen to the song. You will know :)
Below are the lyrics of the Song by Swami Sivananda:
Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om
Soham Soham Sivohan Soham
Soham Soham Sivoham Soham.
I am neither mind nor body, immortal Self I am
I am witness of three states,
I am knowledge absolute
I am fragrance in jasmine, beauty in flowers
I am coolness in the ice, flavour in the coffee
I am greenness in the leaf, hue in the rainbow
I am taste bud in the tongue, essence in the orange.
I am mind of all minds, Prana of all Pranas
I am Soul of all souls, Self of all selves
I am Atman in all beings, apple of all eyes
I am Sun of all suns, Light of all lights.
I am Pranava of all Vedas, Brahman of Upanishads
I am silence in forest, Thunder in all clouds.
I am velocity in electrons, motion in science,
I am effulgence in the sun, wave in the radio.
I am support of all this world, soul of this Body
I am Ear of all ears, Eye of all eyes.
I am Time, Space, Dik and the controller,
I am God of all gods, Guru and the director.
I am melody in music, the Rag in Raginis
I am sound in ether, Shakti in Virya
I am power in electricity, Intelligence in mind,
I am brilliance in fire, penance in ascetics.
I am ‘reason’ in philosophers, ‘will’ in Jnanis,
I am Prem in Bhaktas, Samadhi in Yogis.
I am That I am, I am That I am,
I am That I am, I am That I am.
Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Om
Soham Soham Sivohan Soham
Soham Soham Sivoham Soham.
You can listen to this song by clicking on below link:

even this will pass away

Dear All,

Below is poem “Even This Will Pass Away” written by the poet Theodore Tilton on the transience of events and occurrences in life and how Time does not stop at either a happy or sad occasion. This concept gives a lot of strength to face life. I came across this in Swami Sivanandaji’s literature and he suggested to write this on a piece of paper and keep it with you in your pocket. I did it accordingly. I even have it in my office prominently where I can see while working. It helps me to remind myself that any elation or any depression is bound to pass away.
By Theodore Tilton
Once in Persia reigned a king,
Who upon a signet ring,
Carved a maxim strange and wise,
When held before his eyes,
Gave him counsel at a glance,
Fit for every change and chance:
Solemn words, and these were they:
Trains of camel through the sand
Brought him gems from Samarcand;
Fleets of galleys over the seas
Brought him pearls to rival these,
But he counted little gain,
Treasures of the mine or main;
“What is wealth?” the king would say,
Mid the pleasures of his court
At the zenith of their sport,
When the palms of all his guests
Burned with clapping at his jests,
Seated midst the figs and wine,
Said the king, “Ah, friends of mine.
Pleasure comes but not to stay,
Woman, fairest ever seen
Was the bride he crowned as queen,
Pillowed on the marriage-bed
Whispering to his soul, he said,
“Though no monarch ever pressed
Fairer bosom to his breast,
Mortal flesh is only clay!
Fighting on the furious field,
Once a javelin pierced his shield,
Soldiers with a loud lament
Bore him bleeding to his tortured side,
“Pain is hard to bear;” he cried.
“But with patience, day by day,
Towering in a public square
Forty cubits in this air,
And the king disguised, unknown,
Gazed upon his sculptured name.
And he pondered, “What is fame?”
“Fame is but a slow decay!
Struck with palsy, sore and old,
Waiting at the gates of gold,
Said he with his dying breath
“Life is done, but what is Death?”
Then as answer to the king
Fell a sunbeam on his ring;
Showing by a heavenly ray.

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sex and drugs



If you're a bloke and you're looking for something to put a little lead in your pencil, or you're a woman who is looking for something to give that bit of an edge to sex, you'd probably better forget heroin and methadone. Opium has its fans though:
“Opium is terrific for fantasy (and) even better for performance. According to the ancient Chinese 'Chin P'ing Mei', even a little opium will give life to a tired lance, ‘assuring the desideratum of at least 3,000 phallic thrusts.’ Step right up and count 'em. Opium also has a mild anaethetising effect-strategically placed, it provides a pleasant numb feeling and delays orgasm to the benefit of both parties.”

Taken from hippie drug bible High Times Encyclopaedia

Three-thousand 'phallic thrusts'? Poor woman, is all I can say. And opium 'strategically placed'? I hope we're not talking about suppositories here. But it isn't only the hippies from High Times who think opium is good for your sex life. Errol Flynn, who supposedly knew a thing or two about sex, describes in his autobiography My Wicked, Wicked Ways, how he visited an opium den in the company of a young Chinese woman with the improbable name of Ting Ling. After Errol had smoked a few pipes he retired to another room with his companion:

"When I took Ting Ling to another room I had never known I was capable of such feats. Today I'm told that the effect of opiates removes sexual desire in the man in inverse ratio to the female, who becomes more excited. Dr Flynn can tell you that such is not the case. I made love to Ting Ling in ways and manners that I would never have dreamed myself capable of."

Well maybe, but opium never had that effect on me. In my view, the opiates and sex don't really mix. There's some truth in what's being said here. When you first start using gear, you do discover that you can get a lob on that'll last all night. In fact, it can be pretty good, if you're a bloke. I can't really comment on how women actually see it. Some I've met claim they like a feller who can keep going all night. Myself, I'd have thought it'd get a bit wearing. Some daft sod doing endless press ups with the aid of your body. But I learned a long time ago that there's no accounting for people's tastes when it comes to pummelling.

So that's how it starts. You can go all night. Bags of stamina and delayed orgasm. Although sometimes it's not just delayed, more indefinitely postponed. Someone told me once that this is how some Chinese guys start chasing. Apparently, the Chinese believe that when you come, you lose Chi (spiritual energy). And, unless you're making babies, you should avoid coming. No 2 smoking mixture guarantees no/delayed orgasm, so some of them get right into it. There's some research on US addicts that supports the idea that users might begin heroin, partly, because of the link with sex. Only here, the problem isn't loss of chi but kind of general anxieties about sex or fear of premature ejaculation (coming too soon). One piece of research found that 45% of heroin using males had moderate or severe premature ejaculation before heroin use, as compared with only 12% after heroin use. So heroin can sort out any neurosis you might have about sex, as well as being able to stop you wetting the inside of your pants just as you're taking them off.

There's a bit of irony here. Some people start using gear because they want to improve their sexual performance, but pretty soon lose all interest in sex at all. As one female American addicts said:
"Junkies notoriously do not fuck, and the worst of it is you forget that you're missing something. You wake up one day and realise you haven't had sex in months and you didn't even notice" 

Now you can look at this lack of interest ('loss of libido' as the quacks call it) in a few different ways.

Not being interested in getting laid is sometimes paralleled by a lack of interest in personal hygiene. If you've no libido, are you really worried if you haven't had a bath or shower for a few weeks, or still got the same shreddies on from last Xmas? Who cares if you've had the same jeans on for a month, complete with customised bloodstains and cig burns on the front? You're not exactly going to be hanging about in some café bar on the pull? Just think what a favour you're doing the opposite sex. At least they don't have to sleep with you, you dirty bastard.
And, when you think about all the anxiety that sex does cause, well aren't you better off without it? 'Was I any good?' 'Did s/he enjoy it?' 'Is my todger too small?' All that shit goes out of the window. And when you think of all those religious nuts over the centuries, who've had to whip themselves, wear hair shirts etc, just to keep from thrashing their bishops, well shame they didn't know about gear. And just think, no more wank mags, balls of Kleenex or used condoms stuck to the carpet underneath the bed.

Yeah, the picture's pretty clear as far as heroin goes. Generally speaking, what the research shows (and there's not that much of it) is that heroin users have lowered sex drive and potency, are less likely to have sex, masturbate (wank) or achieve orgasm (come). Not surprising really, one explanation for the loss of desire and the ability to make your old man stand to attention is that heroin blocks the release of adrenaline into your system which decreases energy and also dilates blood vessels, squeezing blood away from your penis or your clitoris if you're female. A study of female heroin users showed 60% reporting reduced desire (libido). Then there's the fact that heroin is a painkiller, so it's bound to reduce sensitivity. For example, one third of female users in another US study had excess pain during sex before using heroin, while only 6% reported pain during sex after using heroin.


But what about methadone? Some studies say methadone has exactly the same effects as heroin. But does methadone cause more sexual problems than heroin? Some studies say heroin is worse than methadone for shutting down your sex drive. Others say methadone is worse, with two saying methadone produces higher rates of failure of orgasm than heroin. In fact, whether methadone or heroin is worse for your sex life depends on what study you read. But you've got to remember dose here. Dose (how much) is probably a very important factor in shaping sexual side effects. Just think about booze. Another thing here might be the slowness with which methadone is metabolised in our bodies. This must have an effect on how our sex organs work. When heroin is leaving your body is when your old man starts waking up. Just think about withdrawal and the stirrings of sexual feelings then. And one study (you just have to wonder what motivates some people to get involved in research) found that 'ejaculate volume' (how much fluid you produce when you come) was reduced by over 50% in methadone clients.

Using the results of experiments with methadone addicted rats, some people, have even gone so far as to suggest that methadone patients should be given shots of testosterone, to stop their sexual organs dying off from underuse! Against all this though, the Methadone Handbook (best handy reference guide to the slime) says, "Some methadone users report increased sexual desire as a result of taking methadone". But this may well be because of the stability and reduction of aggravation being on a script can give you, rather than anything about meth itself.

And no discussion of sex and the opiates should omit something I referred to a moment ago, namely the rebound effects when the opiates leave your system. If opiates put your sex drive (and your bowels) into deep freeze, then beware the thaw. Spontaneous ejaculation (what we quacks refer to as 'spitting bishop syndrome') is a not uncommon feature of withdrawal, and your bishop is certainly functioning on a hair trigger, (see "A Personal Journey" in this issue). While an unpleasant feeling in your groin and images in your head tell you desire is reawakening. Frankly, it's something you can do without, when you feel as bad as you do when you're turkeying. Although one US study quotes an addict as saying "Sex is best when the junk wears off, just before getting sick." Each to their own I suppose.


Finally, one last thing. That old shit about injecting and sex. Sigmund Freud, you have a lot to answer for (besides turning the world onto Charlie). Followers of Freud proceed on the assumption that everything can be reduced to sex, and that its some variety or other of sexual misery that leads to addiction in the first place. From that idea it's a short step to proposing that injecting gear is a substitute for sex. Here's some American buffoon on the topic;
"Over and over again one hears addicts describe the effects of their injection in sexual terms. One addict said that after a fix he felt as if he were coming from every pore. Another said that he used to inject the solution in a rhythmic fashion until it was all used up, and said this was akin to masturbation only better."

Oh, come on, please! The things you have to say to get a script! Though it makes a change from having to talk about what happened in the woodshed between you and your Uncle Walter. If addiction is about sexual games with needles, then nobody told me. I always thought I injected because it was an efficient and cheap way of delivering drugs to my brain. The idea that because the opiates destroy physical sex for addicts, it only leaves them with fantasy sex via injecting is bollocks. The problem with these psychiatrists is that they fit everything into their theories. And one of the problems of being a junkie is that you feel you have to confirm their theories for them. If you want them to do anything for you that is. In fact, the truth about addiction is now so totally obscured in the theories of psychologists and psychiatrists, it's doubtful if we'll ever be able to construct an account that does justice to the reality of the problem. And half of this problem is that drug users get to believe these daft ideas as well and reproduce them when prompted.

Let's leave the last word with that old pathologist of addiction, your Uncle Bill Burroughs:
"If all pleasure is relief from tension, junk affords relief from this whole life process. Junk suspends the cycle of tension."

Maybe that's what opiates and sex have in common, relief from tension. Only with gear, we end up suspending the cycle entirely.

self breast exam



Women have been taught to view their breasts as a disease waiting to happen. Most women fear and lack knowledge about their bodies. Why did that government panel turn a thumbs down to teaching women breast self-examination—a low-tech, simple way to check for breast cancer?


Why did that government panel turn a thumbs down to teaching women breast self-examination—a low-tech, simple way to check for breast cancer?

Doctors were advised by the panel, not to teach women to examine their own breasts, saying self breast checks lead to more imaging procedures and biopsies, and did not reduce cancer deaths. The committee asserted there is not enough evidence to recommend doctors teach women to do selfexaminations

Doing self-examinations was taking responsibility and ownership of the woman's body more than anything else. It proved she was independent, self-sufficient and knowledgeable. Knowledge was power and women believed in that.

In the past we taught women about the importance of being familiar with their bodies. Today we are telling younger women not to bother doing self-examinations.

If it doesn't cost much other than a few minutes of a doctor's time, and it doesn't hurt, and might catch something, why not do it?


Breast self exams are inexpensive and noninvasive. There is no radiationas in mammography. You can do it in your own home, lying down in bed or between your checkups or mammograms. You don't even need insurance because they're free, so why not do it?

Everyone learned the self-examination drill. Once a month, after your period, use the finger pads of the middle three fingers to check your breasts. Raise your arm and make sure to check under the armpits. Look in the mirror for any dimpling changes.

Do breast self examination really lead to earlier detection? Do they save lives? What's the bottom line?

Examination can yield lesions that, when recognized and worked up, can prevent death and disease. If it only provides vital information, and costs nothing why is that not important to doctors and health professionals?


Two studies, one in Russia and one in China, are quoted by the panel in reaching its decision on self breast examinations to recommend that self breast examinations should be abandoned. These trials did not question the quality of the trials and whether they're applicable to women in North America work cancer treatment is much more superior than in China and Russia.

IN THE CHINA STUDY, after 10 years, breast cancer deaths were the same in the group who did self-examinations and the group which did not. The committee did not even know how well and how often the women actually did the breast examinations. (Dr. David Thomas, a member of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center who led the Shanghai trial)

IN THE RUSSIAN STUDY, self-examinations resulted in more tumors, including malignant cancerous ones, and detected some cancers earlier, but still the death rates were not significantly different.

At the time of the RUSSIAN STUDY, this trial was done, 40% of Russian women died with breast cancer in four years. The trial was poorly financed and executed. The task force did not give these findings much weight.

The women had not been trained well, and they didn't carry breast self-examinations out well( Dr. Anthony Miller, a Canadian researcher who was the World Health Organization’s scientific adviser for the Russian study).


Women have been taught to view their breasts as a disease waiting to happen. Most women fear and lack knowledge about their bodies.

If a woman has a lumpy breast, she might spend half her time at the doctor's office being panicky. Certainly women shouldn't spend their lives in fear that their bodies are time bombs and they are in constant imminent danger.


Getting screened or not screened for breast cancer is a gamble. There is no right answer, but there is statistical guidance.

Where mammograms are done infrequently, as in Canada and Britain, breast cancer mortality rates are much higher. 88% higher in Britain, and 9% higher in Canada. Once we have government run healthcare, perhaps we will match these statistics.

There's only so much a woman can do to protect herself against breast cancer. Science and medicine must figure out why some cancerous lesions kill women and some don't. The panel never gave a list of other alternative things women can do.

sexual power

ancient sex

ANCIENT SEX http://www.americanacupuncture.com/ANCIENT%20SEX.html

In ancient times, the Egyptians were pretty sexually savvy unlike the Western world. Many methods used in ancient times are still are very popular today. Our modern advances in medicine are not as innovative as we think. Egyptians were the first to have specialized medicine where every doctor was responsible for only one disease. By dissecting humans prior to embalming their dead, they knew human anatomy and understood how the body functioned. Realizing that the uterus was important during pregnancy, they understood that sex caused conception. Hence, they began to use similar contraceptive techniques used today to block ovulation. Plant extracts were found that when ingested, altered female hormonal balance working just like our contraceptive pills today. Farmers also fed these plants to their cattle to reduce the number of offspring.440 BC, Herodotus, a prominent ancient Greek historian

Barriers were inserted into the vagina to block sperm.. Lint was mixed with honey and the sap from an Acacia tree. The sap killed sperm, the lint provided a a barrier, and they honey kept the lint firmly in place in the vagina. Sperm was also killed with sour milk mixed with water from the Egyptian lakes. The minerals in the lake broke down the sperm and the sour milk made the vagina more acid thus killing sperm. To prevent being raped, crocodile dung was placed in the vagina chasing away potential sexual predators.
Ancient pregnancy tests were done by putting some urine on barley and wheat. If the barley grew a boy would be born, if the wheat grew it would be a girl. If neither grew, there was no pregnancy. Another way to test for pregnancy, was to put an onion into the vagina. The next day, If the woman’s breath had the odor of an onion they knew they were pregnant. The sulfur compound in onion was absorbed by the swollen uterine arteries and carried to the mouth resulting in an onion breath. By 1886, A French Dr. Chadwick found that merely looking at the labial lips was a positive sign of pregnancy. The vagina and labia have the bluish coloration during early pregnancy because of venous congestion.
Impotence was also treated with topical application of plant extracts. A magic mantra was chanted when the medicine was applied that cured all mental traumas.
To prevent infestation, men and women shaved almost all their body hair. Since marriage occurred at the age of 13, and adultery was immoral, relationships remain monogamous. Many methods have been used hundreds of years and still are very popular and are continued to this day. Our modern advances in medicine are not as innovative as we think. In ancient times, the Egyptians were pretty sexually savvy unlike the Western world Ancient Egyptians were the first to have specialized medicine. Every doctor was responsible for only one disease. By dissecting humans prior to embalming their dead, they had an advanced knowledge of anatomy and understood how the body functions, 
440 BC, Herodotus, a prominent ancient Greek historian
For thousands of years fertility has been controlled by crocodile dung and honey to today’s contraceptive pills. To prevent infection, men and women shaved almost all their body hair. Since marriage occurred at the age of 13, and adultery was immoral, relationships remain monogamous.
Barriers-- Throughout history, women used various substances to block semen from the uterus. Vegetable seedpods were used in Africa, crushed grass and roots were used in Africa, seaweed moss and bamboo were used in Japan, and MT have said of pomegranates were used in ancient Greece.Olive oil was considered both a lubricant and a contraceptive, Along with wool, white lead, for vaginal suppositories to clog and shut down the entry of sperm.Barriers were used as lemon juice, okay Chet tree, led ointments, salt, cabbage, onion juice, peppermint oil and soft wool were all quite ascetic or alkaline and afforded some protection.

Barriers were inserted into the vagina with spermatozoa. Lint was mixed with honey and the sap from and an Acacia tree. The sap was spermicidal, though latent acted as a barrier, and honey maintain the lint’s position. Sour milk was mixed with water from the Egyptian lakes. The minerals in the lake broke down the sperm and the sour milk increase the vaginas acidity killing sperm.

In ancient times, when the man was about to ejaculate, the women held her breath drew back a little so the seed would be spilled. Immediately she would get up, squat , induce sneezing, wipe the entire vagina, and drink something cold. Other methods used were using amulets, gaining weight, spitting into mouse of frogs, eating bees, being passive during sex, and jumping backwards several times.
Crocodile dung with a mixture of honey and sodium bicarbonate as a gum. They would melt at body temperature and cover the cervix. U
In Africa also bamboo tissue paper were used by Japanese prostitutes, wool by Arabs, linen rags by Slavic women.
Herbal Oral contraceptives according to Greek myth, Persephone, the goddess of spring, refused to eat anything but pomegranate seeds after she was stolen from her mother, Demeter, the goddess of agriculture; raped by the god of death; and kidnapped to the underworld. She only ate pomegranate seeds because it was the first oral contraceptive.

The Egyptians knew the uterus was important during pregnancy and that sex But resulted in conception. Consequently, they used contraceptive techniques similar to those today. To block ovulation, plant extracts were ingested that altered the body’s hormonal balance just like our contraceptive pills today. Potions were used with finely ground leaves of will, the root (warped, panic couple ounces of potters Clay four days after menstruation to prevent conception. The firm root was placed in sweet tasting wine, along with cabbage blossoms after intercourse. Cyreanic sap.the size of a pea was placed in two glasses of diluted wine. Menstrual blood was spread over the labia, and asparagus was drunk.
Wild carrot, The seeds from Queen Anne's Lace, has been used as an oral contraceptive since Hippocratic times to prevent and terminate pregnancies. The seeds interfere with implantation if taken directly after intercourse.

The ancients in Greece and Egypt used a plant called Silphium, that block implantation of fertilized eggs.
The Australians found that when sheep were eating in Clover fields, they did not reproduce. The Clover had a high level of estrogen creating a birth control device.
Recently wild carrot seeds have been used as a herbal contraceptive making the endometrium unsuitable for implantation. The Menstrual-regulating qualities of rue, pennyroyal, and other herbs was widespread - Wild yam, a climbing perennial, was used as a contraceptive in North America. It prevented conception by inhibiting ovulation and thickening the food in the cervix reducing sperm mobility.
Ancient Greek women celebrated the use of four plants: pomegranate, pennyroyal, pine, and vitex,(known as "chaste-tree)." All of these plants are known to have contraceptive benefits, Various fruits and plants protect against pregnancy. Eating take a leap of paella was good contraception. The enzyme, papain, interacts with progesterone to prevent pregnancy. 

Decreasing libido
 Would you want to have sex if: a Weasel’s testes were strapped to the girls legs as birth control., The dung from crocodiles was mixed with honey and place in the vagina., moonshine was mixed with beaver balls and drank by the man before sex,.,, A lizard drowned in a man’s urine, the testes of a gamecock rubbed with goose grease, and the testes of a “dunghill cock” along with his blood, all served as desensitizing anti-aphrodisiac. To prevent rape, crocodile dung was placed in the vagina deterring potential sexual partners.
Contraceptive amulets were used: cats liver in a tube,was placed on the left foot, the testicles of a cat were placed around the belly button, and a child’s tooth was placed in an amulet. Egyptian papyruses Showed that impotence was treated with topical application of plant extracts. A magic mantra was chanted when the medicine was applied. This cured all psychological disorders.
Spermicides Douches were used with alum and wine and sea water. Vinegar and lemon solutions was used before and after intercourse. Douching immediately after intercourse was irrational idea to clean out the sperm out of the vagina but it actually spread semen towards the cervix. Chinese also had a way of massage to remove sperm from vaginas.
A tree in India,Neem, was used as a topical spermicide taken internally by both men and women to prevent pregnancy. The leaf tablets cause reverse male sterility when adjusted for one month. ` Lactic acid was used in mixtures of dates, bark, and honey to make the vagina has more acid and thus kill sperm.
, a half of the lemon was inserted into the vagina as a cervical, drinking lead water before sex would prevent pregnancy, douching with Coca-Cola a carbonated sugar would turn the vagina into a slippery caffeinated spermicidal..
Pregnancy tests Urine pregnancy tests were performed by placing some urine on barley and wheat. If the barley grew a boy would be born, if the wheat grew it would be a girl. If neither grew there was no pregnancy. Another radical pregnancy test was to put an onion into the vagina. If the woman’s breath had the odor of an onion the next day a pregnancy was present. The onions sulfur compounds were absorbed in swollen uterine arteries resulting in an onion breath. As a sexual, In 1886 a French doctor noted that the vagina and labia have the bluish coloration during early pregnancy because of venous congestion. (Chadwick sign).
Abortion techniques
 Abortions often resulted in fatality to the mothers. Herbal formulations were used to start an abortion and oxo toxic herbs were used to start uterine contractions. Emmenagogues include vitamin C, ginger and pennyroyal, oxytocic herbs include blue cohosh root and angelica. For abortions, violent exercises were used along with injections of warm oil, linseed, wormwood, cucumber, and balm drugs. Aerobic exercises of horseback riding jumping and carrying heavy loads was suggested. Diuretics as asparagus and laxatives were recommended to bring on menstruation. All of the above were used as oral contraceptives except linseed. Poison beans as Lupine, worm wood, sulfur, myrrh, and matom were used.To prevent rape, crocodile dung was placed in the vagina deterring potential sexual partners.
Vaginal suppositories Suppositories were made with olive oil and honey to reduce the amount of sperm going into the vagina. Sometimes suppositories were made with cloth soaked in vinegar that killed the sperm because of this acidity. London sold cocoa butter suppositories with vitamin C tablets inserted into them The first suppository was developed made of cocoa butter and quinine sulfate. Egyptian women used acidic vaginal suppositories lubricated with honey and oil to kill sperm. Patient women use an oiled paper over the cervix, and Europeans used beeswax. A sponge was used as contraception being cut 1 in.² and soaked in brandy as the spermicidal along with a silk cord attached for easy removal.
Vaginas were douched with cedar oil, lead ointment, or frankincense mixed with olive oil. Vaginal suppositories were made of peppermint, or sickelwort mixed with honey.
Indians used rock salt soaked in oil for birth control. Later clarified butter and pili shed tree seeds were used along with elephant dung and water. The mixture was often sweetened with honey later.
Condoms The word condom is derived from the Latin condon, feeding receptacle. They were made of animal intestines and reduce sexually transmitted infections.. Male condoms were made of a lubricated linen cloth,, or animal intestines. Since they were expensive and hard to obtain, they were washed in use over and over.
Some women used arsenic and mercury and other toxic substances to abort themselves. Condoms were used – composed of sausage skins, Linen sheets, and a helmet of tortoise shells. Others were made from pig intestines, soaked before and warm milk, and a sticky wad of opium was put in the vagina The Chinese use fish fat as a form of condoms along with “oil paper” cloth mesh, and sponge stuff Into the vagina female condoms. Female condoms were used by Africans and made of hollow out okra pods, and the Romans used gold splatters. Even gold balls were inserted into the vagina as female condoms.
IUDs Arabic traders inserted tiny stones into the uteri of camels on long journeys.
to avoid pregnancy, the modern IUD. Objects were inserted into the vagina to stop pregnancy. Devices of silkworm gut and ring-shaped devices of gut, gold and silver were inserted. All led to some infections. It seems the string aided in infections, and was eliminated by crap in Berg by placing a ring-shaped IUD calls the G ring into the uterus. A Lippes Loop was invented after the pill and was very successful. This was followed by a tall conical shaped like a shield to prevent expulsion. And searching that removal was somewhat painful and the string was porous and allowed bacteria into the uterus. Later a copper key IUD, called pro-justice served was on the market. And you have these led to legal problems. Finally,the Mirena approved in 2000 delivered a small amount of progestin directly into the uterus, And lasting five years, reduces heavy bleeding . Today many people use the implants, Norplant, birth control pills, Depo-Provera and injectable progestational contraceptive.

The rhythm method was used once it was discovered that women populate only once a month.
The Serbian women with dip their fingers in the first bathwater of the infant. A combination of seeds leaves and roots were used as liquid out of him, whining, and cups of beer.
Prolonged breast-feeding -- Prolonged lactation with breast-feeding made pregnancy less likely. Breast-feeding was encouraged for nine months to prevent ovulation. And ancient times, affluent women hired wet nurses to breast-feed their children, Scented air appeared with their lifestyles and clean towels milk was difficult to get. This resulted in more affluent women having more children than for women. Wet nurses nursed their own children as well as other women’s infants and toddlers and were forced to nourish their own children with cows milk withholding their own milk from their own children. There was not enough milk score around and many children were malnourished. The French wet nurses lived in their employer’s homes instead of their own homes. In the South, Afro-American slaves were welcomed to breast-feed to avoid breeding for their plantation owners and slaves. If they didn’t breast-feed they were more likely to become pregnant. They enjoyed the rare personal freedom from having to tend the children they enjoyed between pregnancies many believe there was a good trade-off.
Cervical caps Lemons were used as cervical caps because of their acidic nature. In Africa also bamboo tissue paper were used by Japanese prostitutes, wool by Arabs, linen rags by Slavic women. Some cervical caps were made out of silver or gold. Casanova took squeezed half sublime and and put them in his lover’s cervix. Oiled paper discs were placed in the cervix and often out GNC week. Sponge, tissue paper, beeswax, rubber, Wolf, silver, pepper, seeds, tree roots, rock salt, fruits, vegetables, and even opium balls cover the cervix to prevent pregnancy.
Discs of melted and molded beeswax were applied to the cervix. The sponges were and closed in silk nets with drawstrings. Olive oil was considered both a lubricant and a contraceptive, Along with wool, white lead, for vaginal suppositories to clog and shut down the entry of sperm.Barriers were used as lemon juice, okay Chet tree, led ointments, salt, cabbage, onion juice, peppermint oil and soft wool were all quite ascetic or alkaline and afforded some protection. Paper was shaped into the form of a probe, tied with a string, and smeared with ginger water. Small pebbles were placed in the women’s the China is to make them sterile. Casanova soaked small gold balls in an alkaline solution and inserted Theminto his lovers vaginas. Devices of silkworm gut and ring-shaped devices of gut, gold and silver were inserted. All led to some infections.

Emergency contraception 
and ancient times was used by getting up suddenly sneezing, blowing your nose, shouting loudly, jumping backwards, and ejaculating semen from their vaginas with – no muscle contractions. This was replaced later with douching. Using a syringe filled with alum and infusions of White Oak, hemlock bark, green tea, or raspberry leaf to destroy the semen properties. Douching also helped removing sexy transmitted infections that husbands carried from the brothels.
Sperm diversion 
The aborigines made a cut from the urethra to the scrotum so semen could leak out before reaching the vagina. as far back as 63 BC. This small hole at the base of the penis into the urethra allowed the semen to leak out of the hole instead of the vagina. If a man wanted children, he was put his finger over the hole so he would ejaculate normally. Unfortunately however he also needed to cover the hole when he urinated. 
Coitus reservatus 
was used in China and India since ejaculation caused a great loss of yang the essence of masculinity. Excess ejaculation would make men weaker and less able to have mail babies. By reserving his ejaculation, he could get some of his partners yin, the essence of femininity, without sacrificing too much of his yang. This provided a balance of union and yang. If a man could not reserve his ejaculations, he pressed the urethra between the scrotum and anus with a finger as he ejaculated and this would drive the sperm up the spine through all the chakras into the brain. In reality, it forced the semen into the bladder and was excreted in the urine.

A common method even used today is for the male to squeeze the base of the penis so he does not ejaculate. Coitus reservatus , Were pressing on the front part of the testicle block semen from entering the bladder. Ejaculation process is thus avoided by the male. The Hindus use this in ancient times.
Castration---many men were castrated by removing their testes and often their penis. They were later called eunichs. guarded and served women who were breeding for Lords kings,, and emperors. They guarded the King’s harems, saying Soprano in church choirs and ran China’s Bureaucracy. Later, sterility by tubal ligation and vasectomies became common.
Worried about the side effects of high-dose pills, and sections of IUDs, encourage more women to consider sterilization when they completed their families and today is the most popular method of permanent contraception. Magic Rituals were used to prevent pregnancy as throwing apple snails or kernels into a well add a magical hour to remain and pregnant for the month. Spinning wheels are turned backwards at midnight to avoid pregnancy. Walking over the graves of dead female ancestors also was believed to work. The Serbian women with dip their fingers in the first bathwater of the infant.
Some erroneous impression still exist: you can’t get pregnant before they ever have a period, can’t get pregnant if it’s the first time, can’t get pregnant ifthe penis doesn’t enter the vagina, can’t get pregnant if You are having sex during your period, can’t get pregnant if you stand up having sex, douching or urinating after sex will wash the sperm out,, most of your teens use birth control, a man after vasectomy can’t get sex, you are protected after your first birth control pill, if your friend pulls out an time he can protect you from getting pregnant, having sex five days before. Is safe, you have your tubes tied and you will stop menstruating. 3.20.2013

islam-Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex

Sex: Questions and Answers

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex

Questions about sex are many. Many people may become confused when facing a problem concerning their sexual relation with their wives. What follows is a set of rules, in the form of questions and answers if applied you will have a happy marital life.

For Both Partners

 How do the partners satisfy each other?

Many husbands are selfish. They want only to satisfy themselves. They do not bother about satisfying their wives. They just seek after their own satisfaction. No sooner do they ejaculate than they stop making love with their wives. As a matter of fact, women do not orgasm during intercourse, and even if one's wife is capable of climax, the odds are very much against you coming at the same time. A husband should control himself until he satisfies his wife.

How could sexual satisfaction of the partners concur?

Some men are so self-centered that they do not bother about whether their wives are satisfied or not. They are only interested in satisfying themselves. As a matter of fact women have desire similar to men s. However men orgasm too soon. Thus men should do their best to delay the moment of ejaculation as late as possible. The more concurrent the spouse, the happier they are. Therefore, the husband who controls the sexual intercourse with his wife should put into his consideration that he is required to satisfy his wife too.

What drugs should we take to strengthen our genitals?

Sexual drugs have only temporary effects. Addicting to it may lead to the deficiency of one's sexual capability. However, if one wants to strengthen his sexual capabilities, he would better practice sports, have a rest, eat well and get rid of his own affliction and sorrow.

What if someone ejaculates after urination?

There is no harm if the semen ejaculated is little. This may be due to the wide opening of one’s penis, which in turn may drain the surplus semen. However, if this case takes a long time or the amount of semen is too much, it may be classified as a disease. Vitamin (B) and Ocotene are very useful in such a case. Young men should avoid erotic scenes or readings.

What is semen?

The amount of semen ejaculated in one stroke is about 53 cm. Each cm. contains about sixty million chromosomes. Examining one’s semen under microscope, we will fin out that there are many countless numbers of active chromosomes.

What are the causes of sexual weakness?

(1) Excessive love making
(2) Early love making
(3) Masturbation
(4) Physical weakness
(5) Physical or mental exhaustion
(6) Diseases
(7) Psychological disorder
(8) Drugs like opium
(9) Smoking
(10) Wine
(11) Contraception
(12) Fear

What if I orgasm too soon?

The period of sexual intercourse the people spend is not the same. Some have the ability to keep having sexual intercourse with their wives until they satisfy each other while others can not. If you actually climax much too soon before you wanted to, take your time, take a nap and try again when you should be much more relaxed and ready to take your time.

What time should we have sex?

When you have sex does not really matter. What should matter instead is that you and your wife have sex when you are comfortable. Such an act may be virtually done after the dawn prayer when both husband and wife are comfortable.

What position should I use?

There are many common ways in which couples physically position themselves for sexual intercourse.
The man-on-top position is the most common and preferable of all intercourse positions. In some cases such a position may turn upside down, to be woman-on-top position. But it is harmful to have sexual intercourse with your wife while standing. It is also better not to eat a heavy meal, since that will just make you sleepy.

How should newly married spouses behave?

(1) To learn how to love each other
(2) Sexual harmony may not be attained in the beginning of the marital life.
(3) To be loved you should love first.

How could the spouse keep love each other?

(1) Give her a red flower or any romantic one.
(2) Have breakfast with her in bed occasionally.
(3) Keep every thing that reminds you with the honey month and any good day you spend together.
(4) Give her a call from your work to tell her that you love her.
(5) Have a picnic together in the weekend.
(6) Go together to the seashore to see the sun setting.
(7) Tell her what you think in and hope for.
(8) Bring her what she prefers of perfumes.
(9) Keep your personal belongings tidy and neatly.
(10) Keep looking at her lovingly and praise her dress and compo
(11) Give her a hot kiss before leaving or returning home.

What if I ejaculate too soon?

(1) Do something else for a while.
(2) A wife may encourage her husband by letting him do what he wants freely and without any ironical gesture.
(3) A husband may wear a condom.

What is impotence?

Impotence is the weakness of the masculine organ It is of two types: physical or Psychological. Psychological impotence is caused by one's Psychological disorder. Physical impotence may because of a disease that affects one's sexual organs or prostate. As for Psychological impotence can easily be treated. That is natural- you are nervous, take your time, don't be angry, don't think of your financial lose and don't exhaust yourself in work.

How can virginity membrane be deflowered?

Long for play, caressing and fondling are so important that they stimulate the wife’s glands that intern excrete some kinds of liquids which let the penis enter the vagina easily.

What position should be used when deflowering the virginity?

(1) To do that, have your wife lie down on her back with her knees spread and bent to shoulder level. In doing so, the vagina will easily be opened, letting the penis easily penetrate.
(2) For the woman-on-top position, the man lies on his back and the woman lowers herself onto his erect penis. On top the woman can regulate and control the first entry accurately.

     What is the role of kissing in generating love?

Emotional relations among people are not the same. Some people may be satisfied by just kissing the partner’s head. Others may prefer kissing lips. The kiss is the means by which one can measure the degree of his partner’s love.

What are the harms transmitted through kissing?

If one has a hot kiss without completing the sexual intercourse, he may get a disease called mononucleosis, just from kissing. One should not exaggerate in kissing and caressing his partner so long as he would not like to have sexual intercourse with her.

Is there any relation between food and sexual ability?

A human body needs food to grow and to live healthy. However, the quality of one's food is more important than quantity.

How can a husband remain capable all the life?

Moderate sex, may be two or three times a week in the beginning of their marital life and then it may be reduced to two or one.

Does a big penis satisfy the woman more than a smaller one?

You have probably heard horror stories about the ideal size of penis and that the woman loves the man who has a big penis. As a matter of fact, the average penis is thirteen to eighteen centimeters in length when erect, and that is more than enough to satisfy a woman. The vagina is capable of stretching to take a large penis or shape itself to pleasure a small one. Size has very little to do with one's ability as a lover.

What about Masturbation?

Excessive masturbation has many effects: physical or psychological. It may lead to fast ejaculation or weak erection when marrying. But after practicing natural and legal intercourse, he regains his sexual capability again. Such people would better practice sports and read and avoid erotic scenes.

Does sex spoil love?

Unlawful sex will surely spoil it. This is because unrestricted sex may be boring. Lovers beyond the pale of marriage will surely separate each other.

What are the differences between man and woman concerning sensual relationship?

1. Women’s desire changes from time to time. Sometimes it increases and another time decreases. On the other hand, man’s desire has no time.
2. Unlike woman, man is easy to stimulate. He does not need to show erotic scenes or foreplay to practice sex. On the other hand, woman needs to be stimulated before sex.
3. Unlike man woman needs a long time to reach the point of orgasm.

What about the circumcision of females?

Circumcision is to cut the front part of the clitoris. It is forbidden in countries where moderate or hot weather. But it is necessary in hot climate because it leads to an unusual sexual sensitivity. It is recommended to cut only a small part of the clitoris to preserve her sensual desire.

What if one fails to be erotic while having sexual intercourse?

This may be due to one’s systematic life. The wife is mainly responsible for such a case. She would better wear erotic clothes, speak and behave in erotic manner.

How could a husband continue having sexual relation as long as he lives?

1. He should be moderate in having sexual intercourse.
2. He should not exhaust himself mentally or physically.
3. Abstaining from wine, smoking and erotic medicine.
4. Having trust in one’s self.
5. Exchanging love, lovely words and passionate glances.
6. Having delicious and nutritious food.
7. Using different perfumes.

What do enemies of Islam want from the Muslim woman?

There are those who want to distract the woman from doing your her. They want to distract her from meeting her noble obligation that is, to defend the religion of Allah and raise His Word high. Those enemies use many methods:

First: They distract her from what Allah created her to perform of worship, belief and Da'wah (disseminating Islam). They use this worldly life as their bate: Jewelry stores, fashions that originate in non-Muslim countries, new models all the time, desires raised, hunger that can never be satisfied, pleasures and competition for them and endless ways for joy. Allah did not create us for this. Indulging in these matters is usually accompanied by wasting time and money and igniting enmity and competition between the rich and the poor.

Second: They ignite enmity between woman and man. To those sinners, she is a daughter that is put down, a humiliated mother, an abused wife and an oppressed sister! Men are always unjust, hypocrites, dictators, freedom ­preventers and suppressers according to them. There is a fabricated war that those evil ones are starting for no reason other than to direct her to rebel against her father, be arrogant with her brother and disobedient to her husband. They do not call for justice, mercy and unity. They call for hatred, arrogance and destruction.

Third: They do not stop at their call for rebellion against parents, brothers and husbands; rather, they plot against Islam. They call upon you to rebel against the obligations of Islam and the decrees of the All-Knowing King. Islam, to them, is unjust and Islamic laws are imperfect and restrictive. They call upon her, day and night, to rebel and insist on the disobedience of this religion. They try to rid her of religion. They try to rid her of comfort and safety under generous parenthood, happy marriage and good brotherly relations.

Those devils portray piety and honor as chains on freedom. To them, Hijab does not cover the head, but also covers the mind; prayer, fasting and Zakat are a waste of time and effort; and obedience to husbands is slavery and a rectum to the Stone Age. They distorted all facts and changed all truths, all to serve their evil goals.