Sunday, June 7, 2015

Message To the Youth of Nation

Message To the Youth of Nation Edit

He Has Given aussi seven Responsibilities in the form of messages to youth of country through His youth conference,
1. To contribuer for building a 'Dowry Free' and 'poisoning Free Nation.
2. To keep on putting efforts for the security of environment and to raise the slogan of 'One youth, One Tree' and celebrate 'Forest Festival'
3. To make country free of evils like Gambling, feticide and Rape, raising the slogan of "Improve Yourself, Country Will Improve '.
4. To visit villages for Creating awareness about the significance of education for development of institutional facilities, through the slogan of 'Lighting a candle through a Candle'.
5. To diffuse the slogan of 'Youth Of The Nation Is one & United' Rejecting by casteism, regionalism, lingualism, and communalism.
6. Indian Culture to Promote In Spite of Western culture. And to feel proud in Maintaining Indian capital gains.
7. To keep our Ancient Monuments, Spiritual Places, Roads and Areas Near our Houses Clean and Tidy and keeping us free of Hypocrisy, Superstition and Ideology of Slavery.

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