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Nazi Bell

The Nazi Bell - Top Secret Wormhole Device

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Among strange Nazi Germany's top-secret projects During World War II, the one nicknamed The Nazi Bell is Among The Most peculiar. 
The device Was avocation at giving the Nazi's the ultimate 'super weapon'. It was so significant to 'em, in fact, that' Hitler Was Convinced the war won by Would Be icts establishment alone.
The giant bell Was Believed to-have-been a device designed to open wormholes, Amongst --other things. Measuring three meters in heigh, and based on an electromagnetic propulsion system , the bell HAD two cylinders and counterclockwise Rotated That Were filled with Xerium 525 qui made ​​it glow a purple color when activated. 
Numerous scientists Who Worked on the project died mysteriously gold Went missing, and nobody knows Where the Nazi Bell is to this day.  reports:
The mysterious device Emitted wide water equivalent of radiation when activated. The scientists that worked on the project Allegedly Suffered from severe dizziness, trouble sleeping, and five of 'em died from radiation poisoning Even. Another device, called Expired the flytrap gold Henge Was Placed on the ground and used in combination with the Bell.
The purpose of this device remains a mystery. Selon Some theories, if the right and proper frequency electromagnetic field is used, Numerous mysterious phenomena can be generated, Including the establishment of wormholes.
The Nazi Bell first cam to light thanks to a book by Igor Witkowski. He Wrote That he HAD gotten information from a Nazi SS officer, Jakob Sporrenberg and That he HAD seen classified transcripts. Advancements in antigravity propulsion-have-been around for Some Time. Tesla himself Talked about the endless possibilities of antigravity propulsion.  
Researchers  the carried out studies and tests of the Bell in a line in Wenceslas, Poland. When the Nazis Fled in 1945. They sealed the tunnels. The mysterious device Was Located there aussi aussi goal Was taken Before They sealed up everything. Hitler Believed que la Bell Project Was So That It Could significant _him_ win the war.
That is why, he killed 60 Even de son own scientists Who Worked on the project as he HAD not seen Any progress. Jim Marrs wrote a very interesting book about the mysterious Nazi Bell and the projects.
Selon Marrs, the Nazis managed to create a wormhole using the bell qui Eventually led to the disappearance of Many scientists Involved in the project. Many believe que la Kecksburg UFO Itself is proof of the Bell.
The incident Involved Kecksburg UFO crashing into a Kecksburg in December 1965. The UFO Was Described as being white Some sort of mysterious Bell shaped vehicle
Some speculate que la UFO Was Actually the Nazi Bell. What happened to the Nazi Bell? Did it disappear in time after a wormhole Was ouvert?
Did the Germans destroy it? Or did it end up in the hands of the allies? The Nazi Bell remains as one of the MOST mysterious objects linked with antigravity technology and UFO's.
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