Sunday, June 7, 2015


SectionChapterReaderTimePlay 01Miss PollyMary Anderson
00:10:24Play 02Old Tom and NancyMary Anderson
00:07:42Play 03The Coming of PollyannaMary Anderson
00:16:48Play 04The Little Attic RoomMary Anderson
00:17:51Play 05The GameMary Anderson
00:11:08Play 06A Question of DutyMary Anderson
00:18:18Play 07Pollyanna and PunishmentsMary Anderson
00:12:44Play 08Pollyanna Pays a VisitMary Anderson
00:18:09Play 09Which Tells of the ManMary Anderson
00:09:17Play 10A Surprise for Mrs. SnowMary Anderson
00:18:30Play 11Introducing JimmyMary Anderson
00:20:46Play 12Before the Ladies AideMary Anderson
00:08:23Play 13In Pendleton WoodsMary Anderson
00:14:21Play 14Just a Matter of JellyMary Anderson
00:11:40Play 15Dr. ChiltonMary Anderson
00:19:50Play 16A Red Rose and a Lace ShawlMary Anderson
00:15:34Play 17"Just Like a Book"Mary Anderson
00:13:19Play 18PrismsMary Anderson
00:11:26Play 19Which is Somewhat SurprisingMary Anderson
00:07:08Play 20Which is More SurprisingMary Anderson
00:12:34Play 21A Question is AnsweredMary Anderson
00:13:33Play 22Sermons and WoodboxesMary Anderson
00:17:28Play 23An AccidentMary Anderson
00:11:45Play 24John PendletonMary Anderson
00:14:00Play 25A Waiting GameMary Anderson
00:11:50Play 26A Door AjarMary Anderson
00:07:18Play 27Two VisitsMary Anderson
00:14:48Play 28The Game and It's PlayersMary Anderson
00:25:39Play 29Through an Open WindowMary Anderson
00:09:43Play 30Jimmy Takes the HelmMary Anderson
00:06:06Play 31A New UncleMary Anderson
00:03:51Play 32Which is a Letter From PollyannaMary Anderson

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