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Cardiac Tonic & Blood Purifier Herbs

Cardiac Tonic & Blood Purifier Herbs

Latin Name
Common name

Abrus precatorius

Bead Tree, Wild liquorice, Gunjha, Gunchi, Lalgadi, Chanoti
Leaves and root good blood purifier; powdered seeds boiled with milk are used as a powerful tonic and have aphrodisiac action on nervous system and cure paralysis and other nervous diseases; seeds contain abrin (a proteinaceous toxin) and abric acid

Acroptilon repens

Whole plant blood purifier; cures skin diseases

Ajuba bracteosa

Blood purifier, used to treat burns, boils, malarial fever, gonorrhoea and syphilis

Amaranthus spinosus

Whole plant blood purifier; regulates body heat, cough and cold (seeds)

Andrographis paniculata

Chirata, Chiretta, Kalamegh
Leaves and roots as blood purifier, useful bitter tonic, cures general debility, loss of appetite, skin diseases, cholera, dyspepsia, liver, spleen and gastric complications

Asparagus  officinalis

Garden asparagus, “Shoot mool”
Diuretic (roots); marked sedative effect on heart contraction (shoots)

Boerhavia diffusa

Hog weed, Ghetuli, Lal-Punarnava, Lal-vishkhapra, Patharchatta

Roots act as blood purifier, cures heart diseases, anaemia, epilepsy, jaundice, kidney, liver and urinary infections; regulates body heat

Cuscuta reflexa

Dodder, Amarbel, Akashbel
Seed alterative, their infusion with the addition of sarsaparilla is given for purifying blood; described under General Tonic Herbs

Digitalis lanata

Grecian Foxglove, Digitalis, Hiritpatri
Leaves contain digitoxin and various other glycosides used for treatment of cardiac ailments; promotes and stimulates activity of all muscle tissues; improves the tone and rhythm of the heart beats making the contractions more powerful and complete; facilitates blood flow into coronaries; aids and improves circulation & nutrition of heart muscle, and hastens the elimination of waste; used in case of congested heart failure and helps in restoration and regulation of the heart function: also stimulates digestive organs and all nervous system

Elettaria cardamomum

Cardamon, Chhoti Elaichi
Seeds cardiac stimulant, diuretic, carminative, purgative, digestive; check nausea, vomiting and bad breath; seeds used as flavour in several food items

Hemidesmus indicus

Country Sarsaparilla, Anantmul
Root decoction very good blood purifier, sweet, cooling, appetizing, nutritive tonic for nervous diseases, hypertension, laziness; cures impotency, constitutional debility; useful household remedy for genito-urinary diseases, venereal diseases and skin diseases

Jasminum arborescens,

J. grandiflorum

Jasmine, Chameli
Leaves blood purifier, controls whooping cough spasm, bronchitis, asthma, madness; fragrant jasmine oil as sedative and neuralgia, good for heart and eyes; important ingredient in pharma beverages

Ocimum  sanctum

Sacred Basil, Tulsi

Leaves and seeds aromatic cardiac stimulant, blood purifier, cooling refrigerant, cures common cold and chronic fever, bronchitis, digestive complaints, and catarrh; root decoction cures malarial fever; as a prophylactic fresh leaves are very effective against malaria when taken with black pepper early in the morning

Plantago ovata

Spogel seeds, Ispaghul, Isabgul
Seed embryo oil contains linoleic acid (50%) which prevents arteriosclerosis; described under General Tonic Herbs
Swertia angustifolia
S. chirata
Chirayit Gentian, Indian Gentian, Chiretta
Whole plant blood purifier and febrifuge; cure leprosy, leukoderma, scabies
Taraxacum officinalis
Dandelion, Crow parnish, Kanphul
Leaves and roots blood purifier and tonic; tea made by boiling flowers treats heart troubles; juice of fresh plant effective against liver diseases, chronic hepatitis, gastric ulcers, visceral congestion; roots increase urine flow; as tonic to treat liver and spleen ailments and stimulates appetite
Terminalia arjuna

Arjun Tree, White Murdah, Arjuna
Fruits and root cardiac tonic, stimulant, cooling; highly reputed to have a stimulant action on heart and a valuable remedy for heart diseases and dropsy resulting from heart troubles and hypertension
Tylophora asthmatica
Country Ipecacuanha, Antamul, Jangli pikvan
Leaves and root as blood purifier, alterative, bitter, aromatic and stimulant as the best indigenous substitute for ipecacuanha; very useful in asthma, chronic bronchitis and other respiratory diseases, loss of appetite, skin diseases, syphilis and leucorrhoea
Other cardiac tonic & blood purifiers:
Allium sativum (Garlic): described under General Tonic Herbs
Artemisia maritime (Santonia, Ajvayana): cardiac tonic and respiratory stimulant
Bacopa monnieri (Brahmmi, Nirbrahmi): described under Brain Tonic Herbs
Berberis aristata (Indian barberry, Chitra): described under Anti-cancer Herbs
Cassia fistula (Golden Shower, Amaltas): described under Anti-cancer Herbs
Cocos nucifera (Coconut, Nariyel): described under Aphrodisiac Herbs
Curcuma domestica (Turmeric): blood purifier; described under General Tonic Herbs
Eulopia campestris (Solam-misri): described under Aphrodisiac Herbs
Lepidium sativum (Garden Cress, Chausur): described under Aphrodisiac Herbs
Momordica charantia (Bitter gourd, Karela): described under Anti-diabetic Herbs
Nardostachys jatamansi (Indian Spikenard, Jatamansi): described under Brain Tonic Herbs
Strychnos nux-vomica (Nux-vomica): described under General Tonic Herbs
Terminalia chebula (Chebulic myroblan, Black myroblan, Harada): described under Anti-diabetic Herbs
Zizyphus jujuba, Z. mauritiana (Indian Plum, Ber): fruits good blood purifier, described under Aphrodisiac Herbs

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