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st teresa

Poems of St. Teresa of Jesus 
WEBMASTER: Justo S. Alarcón 
SOUL IN ME HAS fetchThat ye have tarried PASTORS


Living without living in me 
high life and so I hope 
I die of not dying. 
Alive and out of me 
after I die of love; 
I live in the Lord 
I wanted to himself 
when her heart di 
He got this sign, 
I die of not dying. 
This divine prison 
love where I live, 
God has made me captive 
and free my heart; 
and causes in me a passion 
see God my prisoner 
I die of not dying. 
Oh, how long is this life! 
What drives these exiles, 
the prison, these irons 
in which the soul is stuck! 
Just wait for the output 
cause me pain so fierce, 
I die of not dying. 
Oh, what a life so bitter 
do not enjoy the Lord! 
Because if it's sweet love, 
hope it is not long: 
quíteme God is loading 
heavier than steel, 
I die of not dying. 
Only trust 
I live to die 
because dying to live 
I assured my hope 
do the living death is reached, 
do not delay, I wait, 
I die of not dying. 
See what love is strong; 
life, you're annoying me, 
I can only see that, 
to earn miss. 
Come on sweet death, 
Light comes to die 
I die of not dying. 
That life from above, 
life is real, 
this life until I die, 
no one enjoys being alive: 
death not be my elusive; 
dying alive first 
I die of not dying. 
Life, what I can I give 
my God living in me 
if not lose you, 
to deserve win? 
I dying to reach you, 
they both love my Beloved, 
I die of not dying. 


I am Your for Vos was born, 
What do you send me? 
Sovereign Majesty 
eternal wisdom 
good goodness my soul; 
HH God, a being, goodness, 
behold the great wickedness 
I love singing now as follows: 
What do you send me? 
Your I am, because I criastes, 
yours, because I redimistes, 
yours, because I sufristes, 
I therefore your llamastes, 
yours because I esperastes, 
yours, because I did not miss: 
What do you send me? 
What do your bidding, then, good Lord, 
to do so vile servant? 
What you have given job 
this slave sinner? 
Veisme here, my sweet love, 
sweet love, veisme here: 
What do you send me? 
Behold my heart, 
I put in your palm 
my body, my life and soul 
my heart and passion; 
Husband and sweet redemption 
I offered it for your: 
What do you send me? 
Give me death, give life 
Give health and illness, 
Give me honor or dishonor, 
Give me peace, war or flood, 
weakness or strength fulfilled, 
they all say yes: 
What do you send me? 
Give me wealth or poverty, 
Give comfort or despair, 
give me joy or sadness, 
give me give me hell or heaven 
sweet life, sun without veil 
I gave it entirely: 
What do you send me? 
If you want, give me prayer 
if not, give me dry, 
if wealth and devotion, 
and if not sterility. 
Sovereign Majesty 
only peace I find here: 
What do you send me? 
Give me, then, wisdom, 
or love, ignorance 
give me years of plenty, 
or starvation and famine; 
Dad darkness or light day 
revolvedme here or there: 
What do you send me? 
If you want to be idling, 
I want to love idle. 
If you send me work 
I want to die working. 
Say, where, how and when? 
Tell me, sweet love, say: 
What do you send me? 
Give Calvary or Tabor, 
desert or land abounds; 
Job is in pain 
John to the chest or rest; 
be fruitful vine 
or sterile, if it complies with: 
What do you send me? 
Joseph is put in chains 
or Egypt advance 
David suffering or punishment, 
or David and lofty; 
Jonah is flooded, 
or delivered from there: 
What do you send me? 
Be silent or talking, 
fruit or do not do, 
show me my sore law, 
Gospel enjoy soft; 
is grieving or rejoicing, 
only you in my live; 
What do you send me? 
Your I am, for you was born, 
What do you send me? 

"Mihi dilectus MEUS" 
And all gave me and say, 
and I have exchanged such luck, 
that is my Beloved to me, 
and I am my Beloved. 
When the sweet Hunter 
shot and left me exhausted, 
in the arms of love 
my soul was falling, 
and gaining new life 
so I exchanged, 
that is my Beloved to me, 
and I am my Beloved. 
Hirióme with an arrow 
enherbolada of love 
and my soul was made 
with its Creator; 
and I do not want another baby, 
my God they've given me, 
and my beloved is for me 
and I am my beloved. 

If ye love me, 
My God, it's like I have for you, 
Tell me what I stop? 
O Vos, what you detenéis? 
- Alma, what you want from me? 
? God, no more than to see. 
? And what you fear most? 
? What I fear most is losing. 
A hidden soul in God 
What is to be desired 
but love and more love, 
and love all hidden 
tornarte again to love? 
A love that deal I ask, 
My God, my soul shall have, 
to make a sweet nest 
plus where appropriate. 

Oh beauty that excedéis 
all beauties! 
Pain do not hurt, 
and painless deshacéis, 
the love of creatures. 
Oh come together and knot 
two things as unequal 
I do not know why untying, 
tied for dais force 
to be evil for good. 
Come together who do not have to be 
to be never-ending; 
have just unfinished, 
love without love, 
engrandecéis our nothingness. 

How sad, my God, 
life without you! 
Eager to see you 
I want to die. 
Long race 
is of this soil, 
purple painful 
hard exile. 
Oh beloved sleep! 
get me outta here! 
Eager to see you 
I want to die. 
Life is grim, 
bitter end; 
that the soul lives 
that you are away. 
Oh my sweet darling, 
I am unhappy! 
Eager to see you 
I want to die. 
Oh death benign 
succor my sorrows! 
Your shots are sweet 
the soul freedom. 
What joy, O my Beloved, 
be with you! 
Eager to see you 
I want to die. 
Worldly love 
attached to this life; 
divine love 
on the other sighs. 
Without you, eternal God, 
Who can live? 
Eager to see you 
I want to die. 
Earthly life 
is continuous mourning: 
real life 
there is only heaven. 
It allows my God, 
I live there. 
Eager to see you 
I want to die. 
Who is he who fears 
death of the body, 
if she manages to 
immense pleasure? 
Oh! yes, the love, 
My God, without end. 
Eager to see you 
I want to die. 
My soul is sorrowful 
groans and faints. 
Ay! Who of her beloved 
may be absent? 
And end, finish 
aquesta suffer. 
Eager to see you 
I want to die. 
The catfish caught 
in intentional hook 
in death 
to torment. 
Alas, I also suffer, 
my darling, without you 
Eager to see you 
I want to die. 
In vain my soul 
looking for you oh my lord; 
You always invisible, 
does not relieve your craving. 
Ay! This inflammation, 
to burst: 
Eager to see you 
I want to die. 
Ah, if thou wilt 
Enter my chest 
God instantly 
the fear to lose. 
Such punishment afflicts me 
and makes me say: 
Eager to see you 
I want to die. 
Grant, Lord, to end 
as long agony; 
succor your maid 
For thee he sighs. 
Irons breaks aquesta 
and be happy. 
Eager to see you 
I want to die. 
But no, dear owner, 
is just suffering; 
to atone for my errors, 
my immense guilt. 
Ah, to achieve my tears 
Thou wouldst hear: 
Eager to see you 
I want to die. 


Alma, fetch you in Me 
Me and you find me in you. 
In such a way could love 
soul, I will portray 
no wise painter 
I knew with such delicacy 
this image printed. 
You were raised by love 
beautiful, beautiful, and so 
painted on my heart, 
if you lose, my beloved, 
Alma, you find you in me. 
I know you will find 
portrayed in my chest, 
and taken as the living, 
if you look you baggy 
thou art so well painted. 
And if it does not know how 
where I find my, 
Do not walk from here to there 
but if thou wilt find me, 
to me for you in you. 
Cause you're my room, 
you are my house and home, 
and so called at any time 
if I find your thinking 
be the closed door. 
Outside you find me there, 
because to find my, 
enough just to call me, 
that you go without delay 
Me and you find me in you. 

That ye have tarried PASTORS 
Ah, shepherds that ye have tarried, 
to save your sheep 
see that I was born a lamb 
Sovereign Son of God! 
Comes poor and despised, 
comenzadle to be stored, 
the wolf has to carry you, 
without which we enjoyed. 
Gil, give me that stick here 
I did not come out of hand 
not lead us to the Lamb: 
Can not you see that God is sovereign? 
Sonza!, I am stunned 
of joy and sorrow together. 
If it is God who is born today, 
how can it be dead? 
Oh, he is a man well together! 
Life is in your hand; 
Look, that this is the Lamb 
Sovereign Son of God. 
I do not know what to ask, 
as they give you after such a war. 
My faith, Gil, the better 
to us about his land. 
If we banish sin, 
and everything is good in your hand, 
since it has been, suffering 
this God as Sovereign. 
Soon it hurts his sentence; 
Oh, how true of man, 
when we come good, 
evil lurks outside! 
Can not you see gaining popularity 
pastor of a large flock? 
However, it is something very strong 
Sovereign God to die. 

Today we come to redeem 
a Zagal, our relative, 
Gil, who is God Almighty. 
That's why we have taken 
Satan prison; 
but it is relative Bras 
and Menga, and Llorente. 
Oh, that is God Almighty! 
Well if it is God, how is sold 
and dies on the Cross? 
Can not you see who killed sin 
the innocent suffer? 
Gil, who is God Almighty. 
My faith, I saw him born 
a very nice Zagala. 
Well, if God wanted how 
being with people so poor? 
Can not you see, which is omnipotent? 
Let these questions, 
dying for you to serve, 
and as He comes to die 
die with him, Llorente, 
it is God Almighty. 

For love 
God has given us, 
Is not no fear 
both die. 
Give us the Father 
His only Son 
comes into the world today 
in poor farm. 
Oh great rejoicing 
that since man is God! 
no fear, 
both die. 
Look, Llorente 
how strong love affair, 
comes the innocent 
to suffer cold; 
leaving an estate 
in short, as God 
Is not no fear 
both die. 
For how, Pascual, 
made that openness, 
that takes a sackcloth 
leaving wealth? 
More like poverty, 
We follow him; 
it is coming man 
both die. 
For what you give 
this greatness? 
very crudely. 
Oh, what a great sadness 
will be for us: 
if this is true 
both die. 
Well, how dare 
being Almighty? 
Should it be dead 
of poor people? 
Well if that is, Llorente, 
hurtémosle us. 
Can not you see that He wants? 
both die. 

Is pouring blood 
Dominguillo, eh! 
I do not know why. 
Why, I ask you 
make justice 
it is innocent 
and has no malice? 
He was a great greed 
I do not know why 
much love me 
Dominguillo, eh! 
Why, then being born 
you have to torment? 
Yes, that is dying 
by removing the evil. 
Oh, what a great Zagal 
will, by my faith! 
Dominguillo, eh! 
Did not you have looked, 
child who is innocent? 
Since I've been told 
Brasill and Llorente. 
Major drawback 
will not love him, 
Dominguillo, eh! 

As the star 
is already coming, 
go with the Kings 
of my pack. 
We all together 
to see the Messiah 
since we met 
and prophecies. 
Well, today, 
is already coming, 
go with the Kings 
of my pack. 
Let's take gifts 
of great value, 
then come the Kings 
with such great fervor. 
Rejoice today 
our great Zagala, 
go with the Kings 
of my pack. 
No cures, Llorente, 
to find reason 
to see what is God 
aquesta waiter. 
Dale's heart, 
and I am committed to: 
go with the Kings 
of my pack. 


Cruz, rest of my life tasty 
welcome be you. 
Oh flag, under which 
the weakest will be strong, 
O life of our death, 
How well has risen; 
've tamed the lion, 
Then he lost his life for you: 
welcome be you. 
Who does not love you is captive 
and freedom of others; 
The getting to you who wants to 
will not bypass anything. 
Oh happy power, 
where evil is not fit, 
welcome be you. 
Vos you were free 
of our great captivity 
for you are noticed my bad 
so expensive to remedy; 
to God you were half 
joy achieved: 
welcome be you. 

In the cross is life 
and comfort, 
and it alone is the way 
for heaven. 
In the cross is "the Lord 
of heaven and earth " 
and enjoy great peace, 
although there is war. 
Banishes all evil 
in this soil, 
and it alone is the way 
for heaven. 
De la Cruz says the Bride 
his dear 
it is a "beautiful palm" 
which has risen, 
and its fruit has been known 
God of heaven 
and it alone is the way 
for heaven. 
It is a "beautiful olive" 
Holy Cross 
to anoints us with oil 
and gives us light. 
My soul, takes the cross 
with great comfort, 
she alone is the way 
for heaven. 
Is the cross the "green tree 
and desired " 
the Bride, who in his shadow 
to enjoy his beloved, 
King of heaven 
and it alone is the way 
for heaven. 
The soul that God is 
all exhausted, 
and very earnestly in the world 
the cross he is a "tree of life" 
and consolation 
and a delightful way 
for heaven. 
After the cross was 
El Salvador, 
on the cross is "the glory 
and honor " 
Pain and suffering 
life and comfort, 
and the surest way 
for heaven. 

If the suffering with love 
can give as much delight, 
What joy we will see you! 
What will happen when we see 
the vast and very light 
as to see Andrew's cross 
could both cheer? 
Oh, you can not miss 
delight in suffering! 
What joy we give to see you! 
Love when it is grown 
can not be without work, 
and the fort without fighting, 
for the love of your beloved. 
With this we will have expired, 
and he wants all guesses. 
What joy we give to see you! 
For all fear death, 
How sweet you dying? 
Oh, I'm going to live 
more exalted in luck! 
Oh my God, who with your death 
the weakest become strong! 
What joy we give to see you! 
O cross, precious wood, 
full of great majesty! 
Well, being in contempt, 
God took a husband, 
you come very joyful 
not deserve the love. 
Esme very great joy to see you. 

Oh great lover 
the Eternal God; 
shining star, 
amparadnos you! 
From an early age 
you took Bridegroom 
was so much love, 
He gave you no rest. 
Who is afraid, 
not come to you, 
if it considers the life 
and to die for you. 
Look cowards 
aquesta maiden 
not considered the gold 
nor be so beautiful 
stuck in the war 
to suffer 
with great heart. 
Gives more pain 
live without her husband, 
and thus the torture 
was idle: 
all things are joyful 
and would die 
with life as 
can not live. 
Those who intend to 
enjoy their joy, 
never get tired, 
to find rest. 
Oh deception deceptive 
And without love, 
is wanting to heal 
living in pain! 

Be my joy in sorrow, 
startle my rest, 
my quiet painful 
and my brokenness bonanza. 
Between storms, my love, 
and my gift to the wound, 
death is in my life 
and contempt for me. 
My treasures in poverty, 
and my success in fighting, 
my break in work, 
and my joy to sadness. 
In the dark my light, 
my greatness laid low. 
Shortcut my way 
and my glory is the cross. 
My honor the gloom, 
and getting my palm, 
decline in my grow 
and to undermine my raise. 
In my hunger satiety, 
I hope the fear 
my gifts in awe, 
my taste bitterness. 
Forgotten my memory 
Highness in my humiliation, 
meanness in my opinion 
with shame my victory. 
My laurel is in contempt, 
in sorrow my love, 
my dignity is the corner 
my esteem and loneliness. 
My trust in Christ, 
and Just my grasp, 
my breath in weariness, 
imitation and my laziness. 
Here lies my strength, 
here my safety 
proof of my truth, 
the sample of my strength. 

Oh, so happy lass 
today has given such a Zagal 
that queen should reign. 
Ventura was his fate 
it merited such Spouse: 
and I, Gil, I'm frightened, 
not venture to look over, 
it has taken a husband 
that queen should reign. 
Ask him what he has given 
to carry their village. 
The heart has delivered 
very willingly. 
My faith has paid little 
which is very beautiful Zagal, 
that queen should reign. 
If more had more to give. 
Why did you shout, darling? 
Take cobanillo, 
sírvanos, let out, 
it has taken a husband, 
that queen should reign. 
Then we see what she gave, 
What has to give the Zagal? 
With your blood you purchased. 
Oh how precious flow 
and happy that lass, 
that satisfied this Zagal! 
Owed much to love 
it gave such a great treasure. 
Can not you see that gives everything, 
to dress and fit? 
Look who is now her husband 
that queen should reign. 
Good will that take, 
for this our flock, 
and rejoice that 
to make friends, 
it has taken a husband, 
that queen should reign.

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