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Allah ka Shukra hai" means "Shaitan ka Shukra hai". Shukra is Guru of Rakshas(demons) and Shaitan/Satan is actually Saturn or Shani(Hindi) who has given ample oil to muslims to run his religion, Shukra is his fast friend who first convert Muhammed to demon and trained him for chain marketing of his religion. Remember Jinn (Shukra- Acharya) met Muhammed in a cave, according to hinduism demons live in Paataal in caves.
Earlier people in Maayan Civilization (Mexico) used to worship Shukra but when Christian Religion reached there they vanished. Shukra has many names like Venus/ Lucifer/ Star of the morning. You search by Lucifer you will get the answer.
When this Satanic Religion met with Satan Mongols (Mughals), it helped them in spreading this religion in Hindustan (India+Pakistan+Afgan+Banglade sh). Babur was descendant of Timur (Last Khan in Mongol King Lineage) married to direct descendant of Zingis Khan. Khan surname is not muslim but Mongol. Mongols have fucked so many Muslims that every 1 person among 200 is MongolWe should have sympathy for all Muslims and should do something for them to get rid of clutches of Satan.

Ask any Muslim that who is Shukra to whom they often mention as Allah ka Shukra hai or Shukria and consider Shukrawar(Friday)as an auspicious day,the answer is,Shukra is the teacher/mentor of Rakshas (demons)who has always misguided demons to destroy all godly things.According to Bible also Satan was exiled from heaven on Friday only,our Vishnu Puraan confirms the same, Shukra left haven and become teacher of demons as Guru Brahaspati was awarded teachership of Dev(gods)by lord Vishnu.Same time Shani(Saturn) joined him and chellanged lord Vishnu that he will always oppose him.Shani is called Saturn in english,and Satan or Shaitan by christian.Shani is lord of Oil & Iron and awarded Arab countries ample Oil but no fresh water as Indra (king of gods)is lord of clouds & fresh water.Any muslim dealing in iron/scrap flourishes very fast.Shukra(venus)is the only planet where sun rises from west because it rotates in opposit direction.
Muslim worships Chaand & Tara(Moon & Star),Tara-mati is wife of Guru Brahaspati to whom Moon abducted and raped as a result Buddha(mercury)took birth.Buddha's favourite colour is green which muslims have adopted. According to Bible colour of Satan's eyes is also green.Shani's favourite colour is black(darkness)by which they decorate Kaaba,there is a pitch black stone(idol of lord Shani) inside Kaaba to which every muslim kisses when on Haz.Kaaba,when decorated looks like statue of Shani situated in Shignapur.
Christians pray lord Sun on sunday who has sent his son Jesus to protect public from from evil deeds of his first son Shani.It is notable that spread of Christianity in European countries has saved them in conversion to Islam in later centuries.Sun's favourite colour is White,it is worn by Pope,father,candles.
Story of Adam:Refer any book on Ramal Shastra,it confirms story of Adam who has written this literature on fortune telling and to whome muslims consider there first prophet.There lived Saint Maadan in ancient India,once he visits an Ashram(residential area for saints in jungle)and see beautiful daughter of a saint.Maadan got exited and his sperms(Shukra-Anu) come out and stained his langot(underwear).He immediately throw away his underwear and get another one.After few days she turns to m.c.and uses langot thrown away by Maadan as pad.As a result she getspregnant.Finding this,his father throw her out of Ashram and call her unborn child Adham(mean)or Neech(hindi) and cursed that he will give birth to Mlecchha.Here Maadan roaming here and there came upon to girl and sees that there was no fault of her and she accidently got pregnant.Frowning on people who have teased her,he gives many offering to unborn child and says that my son will go to
west(Arab countries)and invent a new religion which will do opposite of these eastern people who have tormented the innocent girl.Madina is named after Saint Maadan.Here Adham marries demon girl Havva(Eve)and give birth to Mlecchha people(Aadmi).Near Arab countries there are 3 countries Mali,Somalia,Malawi named after metarnal grandfathers of demon king Raavan i.e.Mali,Sumali& Malyawan which confirms that there once lived demons.They started doing opposite of hindu religion. Hindus worship Sun,East,Guru,Cow while muslims Moon,West,Shukra and slaughter Cow.Hindus writes left to write,take clockwise circumambulance in temple,consider crematingplace as unholy while Muslims write right to left,take anticlockwise circumambulance and consider cemetary as holy place and there is much-much more.Hindus follow Puraan while muslims Kuraan,for hindus prefix Ku is very bad and used to mention evil deeds like Kukarma,Kuriti etc. Hindus believe in Shabd Brahma(OM) while Muslims in numeral(786).
Noah Arc:Noah s story is same as mentioned in Matsya Puraan(lord Vishnu's incarnation as fish)the only difference is Noah sees a black crow at the end,Crow is carrier for Shani(Satan).In Matsya Puraan Manu is mentioned in place of Noah and succesors of Manu became Manushya.

So only Shukra (Venus/Lucifer/Morning Star) has knowledge of "Sanjivini Vidya"(Resurrecting the dead) by whichSo only Shukra (Venus/Lucifer/Morning Star) has knowledge of "Sanjivini Vidya"(Resurrecting the dead) by which he will give breath to his followers on judgement day. Same knowledge Shukra used for demons during "Devasur Sangram" (fight between Gods and Demons). That is why his followers are not cremating corpse otherwise soul will take next birth.
With the help of Shukra many Demon Kings have ruled on earth for thousands of years.
Shukra is described variously mounted, on a camel or a horse or a crocodile.
His follower, if not obedient to him will be called "Na Shukra"
Shukra-Acharya not allowed his followers to masturbate and prevent it throughcircumcision (Sunnat),and get married as soon as possible. Through masturbating they are going to waste Shukra-Anu (Sperms), and after getting married or fucking slave girls Shukra-Anu will get converted into a baby. Though Shukra has allowed his followers to eat Shukr-Anu (Testicles) of animals in order to improve virility. Shukra is god of fertility.
Shukra protected them to make any picture or idol because Shukra is not a creator and he can not give life to pictures/idols,he can only resurrect the dead and he is not able to resurrect the person who has made any picture/ idol, this confuses Sanjivini-Vidya.
Shukra will resurrect all his followrs on judgement day and with the help of this army attack the haven as he has promised.
Earlier "Kaaba" was a temple of Lord Shiv to whom Mlechha worshipped. Remember, 5000 years back when Jarasandh(father-in-law of Kansa) invited Kaal-Yavan from Arab to attack on Lord Krishna. Kaal-Yavan's fatherwas booned by lord Shiva that nobody will be able to defeat his son in a battle, though lord Krishna arranged his death and he burned to death when King Muchukand put a eye on him. In next birth he becomes "Kaali Datta" a real devotee of lord Vishnu and attain Moksha(Salvation)

Kuru-Vanshi to Qureshi
Demon Guru Shukra-Acharya's daughter Devyani was married to King Yayati from whome Kuru-Vansh (Lineage of Kuru) started. Kaurav (Kurus) faced strong defeat with the hands of Pandav (Sons of Pandu) in the battle of Mahabharat at Kurukshetra. Therefore all sons and supporters of Kuru exiled to Gandhar (Afghanistan) who later chased away to further west (Arab) by Pandavs. This Kuru-Vansh tribe is later known as Kuresh or Quresh and it's members are KuruVanshi or Qureshi, Muhammed belongs to this tribe, book named Quran(Kuru+Aan) has also come from this.

Origin place of Islam is really a Hell, a Burning Hell. And people living there (Arab) are Nishachar(Roaming in the night). All satanic species like Jinn, Bhoot(Ghost), Pret, Pishach (Dracula/Vampire) come into this catagory. They roam here and there in the night as their power gets doubled in the night, same Arabs have night life. Muslims eat in night while keeping roza. All Nishachars do the same and eat in the night. Nishachars hate Sun because it causes them burns and sometimes death.
Halal : Halal is also a process of offering blood to Vampire/Dracula Allah.
Islam is also like Draculaism, one dracula bites a normal person and convert him into dracula. Now normal person also speaks the language of dracula and wants to convert whole world into Draculaistan. All these draculas will come out from their graves in the night and that will really be a night of Kayamat for a normal humanbeing.

Saturn and Satan
Saturn has also been associated with Satan and this, for numerous reasons. First, many authors argue that the word Satan is derived from the word Saturn. Second, Saturn is associated with the color black as well as Satan. Third, Ancients considered Saturn to be the farthest planet from the sun , the latter being associated with the principle of Good.(Note that Pluto never was considered a planet). Saturn is consequently the celestial body that is the less exposed to the sun’s divine light and thus associated with the coldness of the principle of Evil. Finally, the “great god Pan”, the horned deity, represented Saturn in ancient paganism. This half-man half-goat creature is considered the ancestor of our modern depictions of Satan.
Despite acknowledging its association with Evil, secret societies find the veneration of Saturn necessary to obtain illumination. It is the necessary counterpart of the principle of Good. Masonic authors clearly associate Saturn with Satan:
“Saturn is the opposite to Jupiter; his symbol is the cross above the sign of Luna. He is the Satan, the Tempter, or rather the Tester. His function is to chastise and tame the unruly passions in the primitive man.” The advent of the monotheistic religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam confined the worship of Saturn to occult circles. As we saw here, the Lord of the Rings is still omnipresent in popular culture but only recognized by those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. 

No doubt Al-Loh is Shaitan.
Al means The
Loh means Loha or Shani or Saturn or Satan

Hindu don't buy any Loha (Iron product) on Shaniwar (Saturday) otherwise Shani/Shaitan will come home.

See the work for Al-Loh (Shaitan) in Islam as an evidence, he has used his name everywhere.

Loh-E-Qurani, Loh-E-Mehfooz, Loh-E-Azl, Loh-E-Sharf-E-Shams, Loh-E-Sharf-E-Zohra, Loh-E-Taskheer-E-Khalaiq, Loh For Seven Stars

Musalmano, don't spoil your life in the name of Shaitan. Jago !!! 

No doubt Allah (Al-Loh) is Shaitan, chief of all evil powers of darkness, all Nishachar (Night Roamers) that is why he does everything in night.

Here is the proof:
During each day and night of this month, Allah sets free a great number of souls(Jinns) from Hell for food. And for every Muslim during each day and night, at least one prayer is certainly accepted.(Bazzaa)

This night has great virtues i.e.
1. The Qur'aan was revealed in this night.
2. The reward of worship in this night is better than the reward of 1,000 months.
3. On this night, Jibraeel descends to the earth with a group of angels, reciting salaam and praying for the blessings for those they see in Worship and Praises Allah.
4. This is a night of peace. The blessings and mercy descends right until the break of day.
The author of Mazahir-e-Haqq states the following significance and virtues of this auspicious night:
* On this night, the angles were created.
* On this night, the matter from which Adam alayhis salaam was created had been collected.
* On this night, Jannah and Jahannan were created.
* On this night,'Eesaa alayhis salaam was raised up bodily into the heavens.
* On this night, the repentance of Banoo Israa'eel was accepted.
* It is stated in a Hadeeth: "Whosoever stands in Ibaadah on this night with sincere faith and with genuine hopes of gaining reward, his previous sins will be forgiven." Bukhaari, Muslim
Saturday which was the first day of the week (as it still is in Islamic countries) was dedicated to Saturn (Dies Saturni),
Sunday to Sun (Dies Solis),
Monday to Moon (Dies Lunae),
Tuesday to Mars (Dies Martis),
Wednesday to Mercury (Dies Mercurii),
Thursday to Jupiter (Dies Jovis), and
Friday to Venus (Dies Veneris). 

Do you know the whole world worships Saturn and people don't even know it.
1.The city of Rome was originally known as Saturnia or City of Saturn. The Roman Catholic church retains much of the Saturn worship in its ritual.
Saturn also relates to Lucifer(Shukra/Venus). In various occult dictionaries Saturn is associated with evil. 
2.The Brotherhood of Saturn ("Fraternitas Saturni", FS) is a German magical order founded under the leadership of Eugen Grosche in 1928.
3. Occult Nazis worshipped Saturn A.K.A The Holocaust
4.Definition of holocaust The word "holocaust" is derived from the Greek holokauston, which originally meant a sacrifice totally burned by fire; it was used in the translation of I Samuel 7:9, "a burnt offering to God"
5. Wedding rings, ear rings, all symbolize the rings of Saturn
6. Black Box is a symbol for saturn. Islam=Saturn Worship. Black robes as well as graduation caps. 

According to Rudolf Steiner Jahve is connected with Saturn, and because Islam is a product of the old Jewish religion, Allah may have the same Rays as Jahve: Ray 3:(Saturn) and Ray 1 (Pluto and Vulcan), which is the personality and soul Rays of the Jewish people.
The Tibetan confirms the suggestion of Rudolf Steiner: "Jehovah was identified with Saturn and Vulcan". Vulcan and Pluto

Saturn in Semitic Civilizations
Semitic civilizations referred to the god Saturn as “El”. The supreme deity was represented by a black cube. We can find instances of the cube across the world.

Why muslim fools want to go to JANNAT (Land of JINNS), IT IS full of illusions created by Shaitan.
Why muslim fools criticize religion of their forefathers (Sanatan Dharm). Better they take help of any Hindu friend and make a Guru, then their body itself will start giving answers to all their questions. 
No, Al-lah is not our god.
Al-Lah or Al-Loh (pronunciation in Arabi) is not the supreme god.
Al means
Loh means or iron.
Loh or Loh Murti is lord Shani or Saturn or Satan or Shaitan
Therefore Al-Lah or Al-Loh is Shaitan (Refer Loh Qurani also)
We don't keep lord Shani's idol in house. Whoever worships lord Shani (when adviced by astrologer) is suggested not to keep idols of lord Vishnu and other gods in the house, neither of lord Shani, this makes lord Shani angry. 

Glory to (Allah) Who did take His Servant for Journey by night, from the Sacred Mosque to the Farthest Mosque.

The above verses confirm that the angel who did take Moh-Mad for night journey was a Nishachar (Night Roamer). The power of Nishachars (dark powers / demons) gets doubled in the night. This also confirm that Al-Loh is chief of Nishachars/Demons means he is a Shaitan. 

Muslims : Maulvi Saheb ! Why we muslims eat before sunrise during the month of Ramzan?
Maulvi : You asked a very good question. Actually we feed all Nishachars (Night Roamers / Demons) in the month of Ramzan during night. Nishachars can not withstand Sunlight that is why we have feed them in night.

Muslims : Maulvi Saheb ! Why we muslims spit here and ther whole day during the month of Ramzan?
Maulvi : You asked another good question. Actually by spitting here and there whole day we feed all Jinns (Pret) during the month of Ramzan. There are 6 types of Pret (Jinns) based on there eating habits.
1. Thook (Spit) 2. Ulti (Vomit) 3. Mal (Latrin of Men) 4. Mutra (Urin of Men) 5. Khoon (Blood) 6. Peep (Puss)

It is notable that every muslim infant is given thook (Spit) of Maulvi immediate after his birth whereas Hindus write OM on the tongue of infant by honey through gold stick.

Muslims :Why Popat Moh-Mad chased away or killed black dogs in Makka ?
Sahih Bukhari : He did so because Black Dog is the vehicle of Kaal-Bhairav who can easily sense presence Nishachar (Jinn, Pret, Ghost).
Many times it interrupted conversation between Popat Moh-Mad and Jinn

La Shaitan Al-Loha
Moh-Mad Ur Rasool Ullah

There is no Shaitan other than Al-Loh and Moh-Mad was his messenger and a Gay.

It seems logical, there is balance in everything in the Universe.
Positive -- Negative
Day -- Night
Sun -- Moon
East -- West
Peace -- Violence
Light -- Darkness
God -- Shaitan
Sur -- Asur
Haven -- Hell
Good -- Evil
Guru -- Shukra
Brahm -- Abraham
Sanatan -- Satan

Moh-Mad - Kya hukm hai mere Aka?
Al-Loh Hu Saturn - Saare muslims ko Nark me bhejna Hai.
Moh-Mad - How can I do that?
Al-Loh Hu Saturn - Ask them to pay Namaz to me. Namaz is opposite to Yog (Meditation). Yog means union with God and Namaz means union with Shaitan.
Moh-Mad - How Namaz is opposite to Yog?
Al-Loh Hu Saturn - In Yog, person sits in Padmasan position so that his Mooladhar Chakra (butt) touches earth element. But in Namaz a muslim (Murkh) sit in Vazrasan position, not allowing contact of Mooladhar with earth, moreover, while bowing to me he tilt upside down and lift Mooladhar like a Boforce Canon. This ensures his downward growth to Hell.
Moh-Mad - Oh interesting! Tell me something more.
Al-Loh Hu Saturn - In Yog, a person concentrate on his Agya Chakra (forehead, where hindus put tilak), but in Namaz a fool muslim rubs his forehead and make it black, also muslim women don't wear Bindia here, that is why they have no self respect and can marry/get divorced by many men.
Moh-Mad - Very good.
Al-Loh Hu Saturn - There is Sahastrar chakra on top of head, by opening it one can get connected to true god, ask muslims to block this chakra by putting skull cap. Since Hindu Yogi keep hair tail here, you ask muslims to keep hair in opposite direction (beard).
Moh-Mad - OK! But how to corrupt all 7 chakras, mere Aka?
Al-Loh Hu Saturn - All 7 chakras present in human body rotates clockwise, so you ask every muslims to go on Haz. Once he will take 7 anticlockwise circumambulance around me then automatically their all 7 chakras will get corrupted, then there will be no scope left for their spiritual growth.
Moh-Mad - Mere Aka! Which day of the week should be given most importance for Namaz?
Al-Loh Hu Saturn - Shukra-war (friday) will be the best as it is the day of preceptor of demons , he will definitely help you in converting all muslims into demons. And muslims will recite his name with my name .
Moh-Mad - Inshah Al-Loh! Esa hi hoga. But what I will get out of this?

The Place of the Assyrian Exile
According to the Bible (the second Book of Kings, Chronicles 1 and 2), the ten tribes were exiled to Halah and Havor and the river Gozan and to the cities of Maday. According to the tradition of the Jews of Afghanistan, the river gozan is ‘rod jichan’ (river in Persian is rod), one of the tributaries of the Emo-daria, which descends in the vicinity of the town of Maimane. The city of Havor is, they say, peh-Shauor (Pash-Havor’) which means ‘Over Havor’ in Afghanistan, and today serves as the centre of the Pathans on the Pakistan that the whole area populated the ancient Assyrian Exile. There are researchers who claim that all the Jews living in southern U.S.S.R. along the Emor-daria’ are the descendants of the ten tribes - the Bucharins, Georgians, etc. As we know, a group of ‘‘B’nei Yisrael’ some of whom settled in Israel, is also found in India and Afghanistan. The existence of the Pathan tribes is therefore in the heart of the area in which the ten tribes are found.
The Similarity of the Pathans to the Jews
The British, who ruled Afghanistan for a long time, found it difficult to distinguish between the Pathans and the Jews, and called the Pathans ‘Juz’ - Jews. The Jews, too found it hard to distinguish between themselves and the Pathans when the latter are not wearing traditional dress. Afghanistan has about 21 peoples and languages and only the Pathans, apart from the Jews, look clearly Semitic; their countenance is lighter than that of other peoples and their nose is long. Some of them also have blue eyes. Since most of them grow beards and sidelocks like Jews, this also adds difficulty to an attempt to distinguish between them and the Jews.
Jewish Customs

Who are the Pathans? Pathans are Jews.
They are also called Afghans or Pishtus after their language. They identify themselves with their former name ‘sons of Israel’, even though nowadays they live as Muslims. In Afghanistan they are said to number six to seven million, and in Pakistan seven to eight million.Two million of them live as beduins. Outwardly, the Pathans are similar to the Jews.
From their ancient customs, one can point to a connection between the Pathans and the Jewish people. They make up about half of the population of Afghanistan, in the region called Pushtunistan, on the eastern border of Afghanistan. Over ninety per centof the inhabitants are Sunni Muslims. Later modernisation has penetrated into this State, and even less in the hilly areas near the border. In these places, the Pathans continue to live in the tribal framework as their fathers and forefathers did. The legal system operates according to the Pashtunwali," the Pashtun Laws, parts of which are similar to the laws of the Torah.
The Pathans are known for their physical strength. They are tall, light-coloured and handsome, good soldiers and for the most part bear arms from a young age. They are diligent and intelligent, faithful to an exemplary degree and are known in the world as outstanding hosts.
What is the Ethnic Origin of the Panthim?
The Panthim are not similar in their outward appearance or in their character to any of the ethnic groups which populate this environment: the Indian group-Iranians, Mongolians, Turks or Persians. Most of the researchers are of the opinion that the origin of the Pathans is indeed Israeli. The aliyah Israel of Afghanistan Jews and the volume of evidence heard from them on this subject about the customs of the Pathans corroborate this idea.
Relationship to the Tribes of Israel
There is interesting evidence about the preservation among the tribes of family trees on their origin, and on their relationship to the fathers of the Israeli people. These family trees are well preserved. Some of them are penned in golden lettering on deerskin. The names of the tribes speak for themselves: the tribe of Harabni (in the Afghan tongue) is the tribe of Reuben, the shinwari is Shimeon, the Levani – Levi, Daftani – Naftali, Jaji – Gad, Ashuri – Asher, Yusuf Su, sons of Josef, Afridi – Ephraim, and so on.
The former monarchy in Afghanistan has a widely-spread tradition according to which their origin was from the tribe of Benjamin and the family of King Saul. According to this tradition, Saul had a son called Jeremia and he in turn had a son called Afghana. Jeremia died at about the same time as Saul and the son Afghana was raised by King David and remained in the royal palace during the reign of Solomon too. About 400 years later, in the days of Nebuchadnezer, the Afghana family fled to the Gur region (Jat in our times). This is in central Afghanistan and here the family settled down and traded with the people of the area. In the year 622, with the appearance of Islam, Muhammed sent Khaled ibn Waleed to the ‘sons of Ishrail’ to spread the Islam among the Afghanistan tribes. He succeeded in his mission, returned to Muhammed with seven representatives of the residents of Afghanistan and with 76 supporters. The leader of these people was ‘Kish’ (the name of the father of Solomon). According to the tradition, the emissaries succeeded in their assignment and Muhammed praised them for this.

Though the Pathans accepted Islam forcibly, they maintain Jewish customs preserved from the recesses of their past. Let us note the customs in headline form only: sidelock, circumcision within eight days, a Talith (prayer shawl) and four fringes (Tsitsit), a Jewish wedding (Hupah and ring), women’s customs (immersion in a river or spring), levirate marriage (Yibum), honouring the father, forbidden foods (horse and camel food), refraining from cooking meat and milk, a tradition of clean and unclean poultry, the Shabbat (preparation of 12 Hallah loaves, refraining from work), lighting a candle in honour of the Shabbat, the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) prayer (some of them pray turned in the direction of Jerusalem), blood on the threshold and on the two Mezzuzot (in times of plague or trouble), a scapegoat, curing the ill with the help of the Book of Psalms (placing the Book under the patient’s head), a Hebrew amulet (Kamia), Hebrew names (also. for neighbourhoods and villages), Holy Books (they especially honour ‘the Law of Sharif’ which is the Law of Moses), and rising when the name of Moshe is mentioned.
As for the Pathan law, they have laws similar to the Jewish law. The Magen David symbol is found in almost every Pathan house on an island in the Pehshauor district. The rich make it of expensive metals, the poor from simple wood. The Magen David can be seen on the towers of schools and on tools and ornaments.

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