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Written by Vrndavan Parker   


Yezidi Sanatana Dharma Society
YEZIDIS: The forgotten Vedic people of Iraq
The History and the Plight of the Yezidis
The Yezidis are a very ancient people from Iraq with their calender being 6764 yrs old. About 5000 years ago Yezidis migrated from India to Afganistan, Iran, Iraq and middle east. At that time
they were called children of Melek Taus same as Murugan, a God found in south of India. The religion of Yezidis share much in common with Vedic Hindus. Yezidis believe in reincarnation. Peacock finds a special place, which is worshiped as Melek taus/Murugan. No  peacock is found in Iraq or the middle east but is native to India. The language in which the Yezidi holy books are written is Avesta which is thought to be same language of Sanskrit. Lord Rama is also one of the Yezidi Gods. The temple tops of the Yezidis look much like the Hindu temples. The serpent is the totem of Melek Taus/Murugan and symbolizes the Kundalini released.

210,000 Hindu Yezidis have lost their lives in the genocide of Srinjar mountains by ISIS in just 10 days.  In the Srinjar mountains, children lived on the blood of their parents for days without water. Unable to see the children die before them or being kidnapped, sold, raped and tortured, the parents threw their children from mountain tops. Half a million Hindu Yezidis have been rendered homeless with a harsh winter approaching them and with no winter wear. 

There is a prophecy, which the Yezidis have believed for thousands of years, that says all Aryan tribes (the word Aryan does not refer to race, it simply means "The Righteous") will one day be united in spiritual harmony as one people. The Yezidi Sanatana Dharma Society is part of the realization of that prophecy. The last of the Aryan tribes comes into the Hindu fold. Please welcome them.





"Those who serve Dharma , Dharma serves them"
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Peacock Angel = Vedic & Yezidi
Updated last Tuesday · Taken in Sinjar, Ninawa, Iraq
Murli daran wrote: The peacock was a Demon called Soora, who was at first very good and close to God that he got many boons from him. He later turned bad, waged a war on heaven and captivated the angels. Subramaniya (Murugan/Skanda) fought back the demon. In the final stage of the war the demon was split by Subramaniya using his spear. But subramaniya took pity on the demon's plea and revived him by turning one half of the body to a peacock and the other half to a rooster and had him as his vehicle and flag respectively.
All the facts given above are explained in the same way in "Skanda purana" and a ancient tamil literature called "thiru murugu aatrupadai" which is expected to be around 5000 years old.
Now does it make Yazidis and Hindus more connected?

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