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To throw some light on the mysterious “Third Reich” and the role of Adolf Hitler I have to go a bit further afield. All over the world Germans were – and since the last attacks on homes for people seeking political asylum still are – linked to the Third Reich. But very few know the actual motives from that time.

One hears about the “Aryan master race theory” and the “gassing of the Jews”, but not one percent know about the origin of these. In their schoolbooks the German children are told of the evil Adolf Hitler who apparently, supported by aimed propaganda and mass hypnosis, was the only culprit of those events. They are not told from whom he took his ideology, who had put him into his position and, above all, who had financed him.

Actually, 95% of the financial support came from Jewish sources. Interesting, isn’t it? The Allies had quite intentionally removed or forbidden all the books that could have uncovered this, and so today a dark mystic veil lies upon Germany’s recent past. Therefore I consider it more than necessary to shed some light into this dark area, even if some theories will be thought by some to be outrageous. At least here you find the “right stuff” to discuss later.

Between 1880 and 1890 many personalities – among them some of England’s most brilliant minds – found together and formed “THE HERMETIC ORDER OF THE GOLDEN DAWN” Its members come largely for the Mother Grand Lodge of FREEMASONS and the ROSICRUCIANS. In a way the Golden Dawn was leading esoteric Freemasonry (rather positive) in England and was its innermost and most secret circle.

Members are, among others:
  • FLORENCE FARR; W.B. YEATS (Nobel prize for Literature)
  • BRAM STOKER (author of Dracula)
  • GUSTAV MEYRINK (author of The Golem and The Green Face)
  • ALEISTER CROWLEY (perhaps the best know magician of the last hundred years who later got into black magic, founder of the Thelma Church and 33rd degree Freemason of the Scottish Rite)
  • RUDOLF STEINER (founder of antroposophy, Freemason of the Scottish Rite, head of the German Theosophical Society, Grand Master of the Illuminati order ORDO TEMPLI ORIENTIS (OTO) and Grand Master of the branch MYSTERIA MYSTICA AETERNA, later left the “Golden Dawn” because of differing views).
Steiner refused to allow occultist Trebisch-Lincoln access to the “Golden Dawn”, a decision which later was held against him.

In 1917 the occultist BARON RUDOLF VON SEBOTTENDORF, the Gurdjieff disciple KARL HAUSHOFER, the ace pilot LOTHAR WAIZ, PRELATE GERNOT of the secret “Societas Templi Marcioni” (The Inheritors of the Knights Templar) and MARIA ORSIC, a transcendental medium from Zagreb, met in Vienna.

They all had extensively studied the Golden Dawn, its teachings, rituals and especially its knowledge about Asian secret lodges. Sebottendorf and Haushofer were experienced travelers of India and Tibet and much influenced by the teachings and myths of those places. During the First World War, Karl Haushofer had made contacts with one of the most influential secret societies of Asia, the Tibetan “Yellow Hats” (dGe-lugs-pa).

This sect was formed in 1409 by the Buddhist reformer Tsong-kha-paHaushofer was initiated and swore to commit suicide should his mission fail. The contacts between Haushofer and the Yellow Hats led in the Twenties to the formation of Tibetan colonies in Germany.

The four young people hoped that during these meeting in Vienna they would learn something about the secret revelatory texts of the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR and also about the secret fraternity DIE HERREN VOM SCHWARZEN STEIN (“The Lords of the Black Stone”). Prelate Gernot was on of the “Inheritors of the Knights Templar”, which to my knowledge are the only true Templar society. They are the descendants of the Templars of 1307 who passed on their secrets from father to son – until today. Prelate Gernot apparently told them about the advent of a new age – the change-over from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.

They discussed that our solar year – according to the twelve revolutions of the moon – was divided into twelve months and thus the revolution of our sun around the great central sun (the BLACK SUN of ancient myths) was also divided into twelve parts. Together with the precession of the cone-shaped proper movement of the Earth due to the inclination of the axis, this determines the length of the world age.

Such a “cosmic month” is then 2,155 years, the “cosmic year” 25,860 years long. According to the Templars the next change is not just an ordinary change of the age, but also the end of a cosmic year and the start of an absolutely new one. By completing the 25,860 years the Earth is changing from the age with the weakest (Pisces) to the age with the strongest radiation (Aquarius). Indo-Aryan definition calls this the end of the Kali Yuga, the age of sin.

All age changes have led to political, religious, social and also geological upheavals of great impact. The time of change-over from the old to the new age is called in Mesopotamian teachings the three “double steps of Marduk”, of 168 years duration, at the mid-point of which the ILU ray, the Divine Ray, is expected to reach Earth.

The Templars did careful calculations and concluded that February 4, 1962 was the date the ray would reach Earth. This gave the mid-point of the 168 years change-over and the years 1934 and 1990 as other important dates.

The main part of the discussions dealt with the background of a section of the New Testament, Matthew 21:34. For there Jesus addresses the JEWS:
“Therefore I tell you that the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people who will produce its fruit.”
The complete original text that is kept in the archives of the “Societas Templi Marcioni” says it even more clearly. But the point is: In that text Jesus actually names the “people”, He talks to Teutons serving in the Roman legion and He tells them that it is THEIR people that He had chosen. That was what Sebottendorf and his friends wanted to know for sure: That the Teutonic, i.e. the German people was commissioned to form the realm of light upon Earth – in the “Land of the Midnight Mountain” (Germany). The place where the ray would meet the Earth was given as the Untersberg near Salzburg.

At the end of September 1917 Sebottendorf met with members of the Lords of the Black Stone at the Untersberg to receive the power of the “Black-Purple Stone” after which the secret society was named.

The Lords of the Black Stone who formed out of the Marcionite Templar societies in 1221 and were led by Hubertus Koch had set as their aim the fight against evil and the building of Christ’s realm of light. This dark power they were to fight had revealed himself in the so-called Old Testament through Moses and other medium as God, starting with the words by YHWH = JAHVEH = Jehovah to Abraham:
“I am God Almighty!”
In Hebrew:
“Ani ha El Shaddai”, translated: I am El Shaddai – the “outcast Archangel (Shaddai El) – Sheitan or Satan” (see the original translation of Genesis 17:1, e.g. in : The Bible, New International Version).
Sebottendorf clearly recognized: The Shaddai, the God of the Old Testament, is the destroyer, the antagonist of God. His followers therefore sought to destroy the Earth, Nature and humanity. And the followers were the believers in Mosaic Law, the Hebrews. (Remember the tenets of the Talmud!)

In the Gospel of John, 8:39-45, Jesus states this directly. There he addresses the Jews:
‘Abraham is our father’, they (the Jews) answered.
‘If you were Abraham’s children,’ said Jesus, ‘then you would do the things Abraham did. As it is, you are determined to kill me, a man who has told you the truth that I heard from God. Abraham did not do such things. You are doing the things your own father does.’
‘We are not illegitimate children,’ they protested.
‘The only Father we have is God Himself.’
Jesus said to them:
‘If God were your Father, you would love me, for I came from God and now am here. I have not come on my own; but He sent me. Why is my language not clear to you? Because you are unable to hear what I say. You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies. Yet because I tell the truth you do not believe me!’
Today still many people naively ask: But why then did Hitler go against the Jews? I hope that the last few lines have shown you. In the eyes of the THULE-GESELLSCHAFT, from which later emerged the DAP (German Worker’s Party), the SS (Schutzstaffel), the Jewish people who had been charged by the Old Testament God JAHVEH to “raise havoc on Earth” were the reason why the world was always caught up in war and discord.

The Thule people knew about the Jewish banking systems, i.e., Rothschild and allies, and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and felt it was their task to fight the Jewish people, but especially their banking and lodge system, in accordance with the Revelation of Sahaja, and to erect the realm of light upon Earth.

Author’s Comment:
As you can see, these people were just as incapable to remedy the cause as their Lord Jesus had told them how – to change the world with love for creation, for oneself and for the neighbor (and that neighbor can also be of another race or religion). But they had relinquished self-responsibility and gave it to a GUILTY on, a SATAN. Their hatred made them so blind that they never realized that they used the same weapons as the purportedly satanic God Jahveh they wanted to fight. They should have known though that one cannot achieve peace by war.
A circle formed around BARON RUDOLF VON SEBOTTENDORF that via the “Teutonic Order” in 1918 in Bad Aibling became the “THULE-GESELLSCHAFT”. The themes they tried to link to politics were scientific magic, astrology, occultism and Templar knowledge as well as Golden Dawn practices like Tantra, Yoga and Eastern meditation.

The Thule-Gesellschaft believed, following the revelation of Isais, in a Coming Savior (German: Heiland = the Holy One), the Third Sargon who would bring to Germany glory and a new Aryan culture.

Dietrich Bronder (Before Hitler Came) and E.R. Carmin (Guru Hitler) named the leading members as follows:
  • Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorf, Grand Master of the Order
  • Guido von List, Master of the Order
  • Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels, Master of the Order
  • Adolf Hitler, “Fuhrer”, German Chancellor, SS Superior
  • Rudolf Hess, Vice Fuhrer, and SS Obergruppenfuhrer
  • Herman Goering, Reichsmarschall and SS Obergruppenfuhrer
  • Heinrich Himmler, Reichsfuhrer SS and Reichsminister
  • Alfred Rosenberg, Reichsminister and NS-Reichsleiter
  • Hans Franck, Dr. Dr. h.c., NS-Reichsleiter and Governor General of Poland
  • Julius Streicher, SA-Obergruppenfuhrer and Gauleiter of Franken
  • Karl Haushofer, Prof. Dr., Major General ret.
  • Gottfried Feder, Prof. Dr., Secretary of State ret.
  • Dietrich Eckart, Editor in Chief of the Volkischer Beobachter

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