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YOGA AND other oddities




Post No. 65 published on August 6, 2013 by paoloproietti.rnk
As mentioned previously (see THE WAY OF SEX - Part Four ) 
The man and the woman have opposite characteristics and complementary. The subtle channels ( nadi ) man are tight and rigid and most of the energy that circulates, that we can define OJAS (a term that can be translated vitality or strength) tends naturally to the outside.  The subtle channels of women are soft and wide, and the energy that circulates and which can be defined generically PRANA , tends internalization . "
Goddess with pot
Due to the different direction and quality of energy circulation, the woman has easier access to the heart chakra, said  hrdaya (center, heart, mind) chakra .
Hrdaya not be confused with the center said Anahata chakra!
These are two  different cakra, located in different areas of the body .
Anahata chakra is a " lotus "twelve red petals placed on the axis of the spine, the center of which is the seed sound of the air,  यं  Yam , while in the petals are inscribed, in a clockwise direction, the five of guttural consonants' Sanskrit alphabet, the five palatal and retroflex the first two, namely: 
क ख ka kha ga ग घ gha ङ Na च छ cha ca ज ja झ jha ञ ña ट Tha Ta ठ
Hrdaya or HRIT cakra is instead a lotus flower with eight petals in the center of the chest, above the diaphragm. 
HRIT cakra

HRIT chakra is the center of Being, but it could also be termed "MANDALA OF PERFECT AND Perversions". Its colors are gold (kundalini sunny) white (kundalini moon) and red (kundalini fire) to indicate that it is the place where you gather the energy currents, and its petals correspond to the eight directions of space , 8 to psychic powers, or siddhis more, and at 8  vrtti (word that means change, specialization, role) related to the sexual sphere. 
HRIT mandala
To practice tantra must think like a tantric. The siddha and nath not reasoned (not reason ...) and as we approach the sexual techniques with our mental structures and our "technical thinking" can cause pain and suffering for us and for our loved ones.First, the point of view of Tantric is not dual. There is no trace of the dichotomy male / female or light / shadow or good / evil that characterizes Western thought. The energy that moves everything is A and is expressed through a triad of powers represented by FIRE (  Shakti ), SUN (  kāma and his bride) and LUNA ( Shiva ).Secondly ENJOYMENT is one of the fundamental principles of existence: there is no room for guilt. Every phenomenon, to achieve the dignity of existence, must be characterized by EXISTENCE (  asti which means " it is " ), CONSCIENCE ( Bhatimeaning "splendor", "appearance", "inner light") and PLEASURE ( priya meaning " liked "," enjoyed "," desirable ").
If there is a chance to enjoy an object there is no necessity of its existence.
Everything stems from the desire, in Tantra, or by striving for enjoyment, but if the divine desire is pure, free from attachment (to the center of the mandala of thechakras of the heart is  vairagya understood as divine detachment), in the human risk of "dirty" because of individual inclinations and social customs. These dirtying (vrtti ) coincide with the eight directions of space and represent (are) a move away from the center, the very essence, the HEART.
In the mandala of the heart (which is read from the east clockwise: India "FRONT" is East and "BEHIND" is West) we have:
EST = virtuous attitudes , etc. as marital fidelity.
SOUTHEAST = sleep and laziness , lack of interest in pleasure and lack of vitality.
SOUTH = cruelty , the pleasure in observing and in causing the suffering of others.
SOUTH WEST = degeneration of desire - lust - attitudes peccaminos the .Buddha Shakyamuni about it speaks of incest, pedophilia, rape, of having sex with people in slavery and captivity, seduce the people about to get married and so on.etc.
WEST = malice , ie entertained about the sexual partner feelings of hatred, envy, contempt etc. which can lead to  perversions of various kinds.
NORTHWEST = action , namely the move in search of sexual pleasure.
NORTH = obtaining  pleasure , ie be satisfied after sex ( rati )
NORTHEAST = possession , or the desire to physically possess the loved one.
The vrtti be understood as seeds that the force of desire can germinate and grow, until they are fundamental elements of the personality of the individual, and  are always obstacles to implementation .
erotic sculpture
Reflect on the meanings of the 8 petals HRIT chakra is an interesting exercise. In fact I believe it is a fundamental step towards understanding the tantric teachings.This is not an easy exercise: that trends cruelty, sadomasochism or pedophilia can, for example, be considered as obstacles to the realization of what is quite understandable, but with marital fidelity and sexual satisfaction, for example, as the we? How do you consider the sadomasochism as did the monogomia?
radha krishna
The force of desire is pure, innocent and amoral as the fundamental elements of nature. The water that quenches the same ravaging the city à and campaigns as well as the flame that welcomes the hearth is the same that destroys the walls of the house.
The infinite creative potential of desire can easily become destructive energies and the cause of their degeneration is the mind, or rather, the claim to replace the laws of nature habits, norms, beliefs created by the human mind.
For the purpose of understanding of tantra can be useful to analyze carefully the vrtti   corresponding, in the heart of the mandala, in opposite directions:
Laziness, lack of sexual vitality ( SOUTHEAST ), for example, is equal and opposite to the search of sexual pleasure ( NORTHWEST ), while marital fidelity ( EST) is instead equal and opposite to the nastiness / perversion ( WEST ).
If we understand the reasons for these contrasts perhaps we can guess the constitutive logic of the mandala:
HRIT mandala
1) the lack of sexual vitality is considered an insurmountable obstacle in tantra, and this is quite logical, but why compare it to the pursuit of sexual satisfaction?
I will answer with another question: why someone feels the need to dedicate his life to the pursuit of pleasure?
The pleasure for Tantra is inherent in the very existence, is one of the fundamental characteristics of the natural state ( Sahaja ) Man. Seek pleasure in different places and people always mean being unable to enjoy dell 'existence and believe that the strength of desire is something else for themselves. That's why the low sexual appetite and the frantic search for different partners (for example) are both considered symptoms of a lack of fundamental quality of tantric yogi: the  "manhood . "(NB make sure that the Sanskrit word is VIRYA  which means sexual vigor , translation   manhood , commonly accepted may suggest a predominantly male quality, while in Tantrism does not make any difference of kind. )
2) marital fidelity understood as the continuous renewal of desire in a relationship is not bad thing, nor is an obstacle to the realization, in fact, the siddha as Gorakshaand Yogi Tibetans, togdenma , for example, make a couple fixed with a yogini and children born from their tantric practices are considered of special beings, ofyoghinibhu  But if it is imposed (or self-imposed) by laws, customs, from religious rules can lead to repression more or less voluntary, sexual desire, and suppress the desire cause disasters. It may seem strange, but also the desire to maintain a united couple can lead to perversion. To practice Tantra must free itself from any kind of prejudice, moral and aesthetic, in search of original innocence.
Theoretically every practice that causes "the effervescence of the senses", can turn into a "technical operational". The orgy, drug use or watching a sunset for a tantric are instruments with the same function and the same "dignity", but to be able to use the operating technique " orgy "or the operating technique" drug "must be truly free from the constraints, constraints, prejudices. Otherwise the instrument of liberation will turn automatically into an instrument of damnation.
Let's now an example of a pair of long standing, in crisis for the loss of desire (physiological decline would say sexologists) that to awaken the dormant fire begins to use of sex toys, would hire to chemical stimulants, attending local swingers etc. .etc. and suppose (brief period  to eliminate any doubt of any moral and aesthetic prejudices: to me personally, if one / proof pleasure to be tied with ropes and sprinkle with goat dung does neither hot nor cold, and I think between consenting adults any practice that does not cause physical harm to himself and others is legal ) that the "therapy" to be successful and that the two are found happy and satisfied. The marriage is saved, but the sexual practices that have allowed to save it have nothing to do with yoga and tantra.
Tantric sexual techniques are based, ultimately, on the alternation of phases of "absorption" (when exhaling, the man is absorbed by the woman and the woman is absorbed from the Universe) and "emergency" ( when inhaling, the man looks at the woman from the outside and the woman listens to the man inside) which leads to a non-ordinary state of consciousness in which all perceptions are unified in touch. Just so you are able to perceive the CAREZZA DIVINE (kundalini) and direct it into the median channel of the body.
The research and the use of objects, chemicals, situations "spicy" in order to renew the desire threatens to overshadow the partner making the protagonist of the report object, the chemical or the piquant situation and awakening the main enemy of tantric practice: the imaginative mind.
wonder woman
If the vision of my partner disguised as wonder woman excites me and leads to a satisfying sexual relationship for both, definitely do not do anything bad, indeed.However sottomettettendo desire to a fantasy, not only run the risk of needing, later, to new stimuli to turn me, but I lose the relationship with the truth of the body.
In our society there is a kind of myth of the imagination, seen as positive creative ability. As for sex then the erotic fantasy is considered almost a necessatà vital.
In tantric sex there is no room for the imagination. and even for sex toys. Attention must be paid to the partner's body, his breath, to the beat of his heart, to the cries that arise. You have to use the display, perhaps, the inner sight, but never the imagination.
Tantra is the highest form of devotion .
Nobody pays tribute to a distant deity, who looks at us from the top of an inaccessible paradise, but shake his hands, drown in his eyes, his lips graze since they become our hands, our eyes, our lips : Sa'Ham , I am you.
The tantric yogi looks to yogini with veneration. Sex should be a sacred rite and the cries of the lovers a prayer. Whenever an external element, a thought, a gesture unnecessarily violent, undermine the sanctity of the relationship, transforming one of the two in a sexual object, you lose the opportunity to enter the City of God.
radha krishna
- To be continued .....

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THE WAY OF SEX - Part Four

Post No. 64 released on August 2, 2013 by paoloproietti.rnk
Grace, in Tantrism, is perceived as a " divine caress ". The one perceives a tingling or vibration under the skin. A vibration that becomes ever deeper and more subtle as they, through the practice of asanas and meditation melt blocks psychophysical.The most sensitive areas are connected directly to the glans clitoris and upper chakras through energy channel called vajra nadi .
shakti lingam

When in sexual intercourse, the stimulation of the clitoris and the glans becomes annoying or painful, as often happens after orgasm, it means that the energy of desire ( which is always kundalini ) has risen up to the navel chakra and then down the genital area. E 'this, so to say, the path ordinary, natural, Kundalini. 
Whenever the senses "ENTERING EFFERVESCENCE", because of the excitement, not only sexual, Kundalini is awakened and rises to the navel chakra, but if the body is not trained by practice Yoga, the goddess in the form of a snake tends to descend down and doze. The purpose of the exercises psychophysical Tantric is not so much to awaken the " Goddess "(present as potential energy in all the elements of matter), but to untie the knots ( Granthi ) that prevent the "lift" to the "stairs".
The first node or block is called  Brahma Granthi  and is often located right in the area of the glans (in men) and the clitoris (in women). Theoretically it is the knot of physical energy, referred to the letter  A of ' AUM  and waking consciousness.Anatomically corresponds to the area between the navel and the pelvic floor. For theHatha Yoga is the knot that binds the first three chakras.
A purpose of chakra: on the internet and on the myriad of books on the market reads everything and more, and often those who wrote it gives the idea of ​​not knowing what they are and what their function in yogic practices. 
The bale most common concerns the so-called closure of chakras. They are even courses that teach to OPEN IT in the most bizarre ways.
 Another belief imaginative regards the membership of the chakras to some higher dimension, a parallel reality or metaphysical sphere: what we call body, in Yoga, is the set of BODY (matter that is flesh, bones, blood and so on. ), WORD (physiological processes or respiration, digestion, etc.), Mind (ability to think, perceive, process, perceptions etc.) if we replace a body / Word / Mind the words Matter, Energy and Consciousness recognize this threefold partition in all existing things, from the universe to the individual cell.
The so-called enlightenment is to understand / realization fundamental identity between matter, energy and consciousness, perceived as a single stream or power that Tantrism is called kundalini, or Shakti or Goddess.
Every phenomenon, according to Yoga, for there must be "enjoyable". In Vedantic terms we could speak of ASTI (existence), Bhati (inner Light) and priyam (need / enjoyment). An object that is not knowable and that you can not enjoy, simply does not exist.
In other words for yoga there is no substantial difference between the physical realm, psychic or mental: each symbol, thought or emotion has a corresponding visible and tangible.
If he had NOT EXIST.
 The chakras are a physical reality, and are located in the body with precision.  Each center is the next and the previous 12 fingers, three feet above the other.  From the first, corresponding to the perineum, at a distance corresponding to three overlapping palms we find the base of the genitals, then the navel, then, the heart, the throat, the point between the eyebrows, the fountain. 
Each cakras is formed by a center (pericarp) detectable with the central canal of the spinal column and a series of channels ( nadi ) represented as petals, but which are in fact of tubules in which flow energy at different frequencies, given by different syllables of the Sanskrit alphabet.
Each center then emits ("reflects" ....) a number of rays ( Marici or radiance) that could be called RAYS OF CREATION
.  In total we will have, excluding the cakra fontanelle, 50 petals (nadi fundamental) and 360 rays corresponding to 360 ° of ' ecliptic (the imaginary sphere on which are arranged the fixed stars), as if to say that the solar system and the ' whole universe, are reflected within the body.
In the petals ( nadi ) left runs the set of energies such MOON (kundalini Luna) and in the right energies such SOLAR (kundalini sunny).
Human life is marked by the rhythms of these energies as well as the life of the land is marked by alternating cycles of the sun and moon.
The rise of kundalini nell'unificarsi consists of solar and lunar energies into a single stream (kundalini fire) that runs on the middle way (sushumna) instead of in nadi side.
To begin to understand the tantric sexual techniques will be good to consider the movement of subtle energies for what it is,  a physical process , can be experienced by anyone, leaving aside the bizarre New Age, the elitism of certain sects and nihilism of some Hindu schools and Buddhist, they see the body as a useless tinsel, a sack full of blood, urine and faeces.
T The human body is a vessel, a vessel, in which circulates energy, since the energy is that of Creation and that creative ability is one of the powers of God (ISHA) does not take long to recognize the body as IL TEMPLE OF GOD.
In this temple c i are ten ports, or better ten tubes, through which the flow of energy penetrates into or exits outside.  Nine are the orifices of the body: two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, mouth, anus and sex. 
The tenth valve is the secret door, invisible from the outside, and has the function to link the head with the basin through "VIA MEDIAN".
Usually this valve remains closed until the moment of death, when the vital airs are directed upwards, towards the thousand-petalled lotus,  but with hatha yoga you try to open the "secret door" before death (in NB For men the energy must be conducted to the point of the eyebrows, and from there to the fountain, while in women instead must be brought to the heart).
The second step will be to stabilize the energies, to make them "feel at home" to keep them from falling back.
Finally, it will lead voluntarily downwards . 
In this back down voluntarily, which repeats the creative process that gave rise to our bodies, we are witnessing a veritable second birth-related, according to the tantric texts, the transformation of the physical body, the cell regeneration onset dipoteri psychic etc. etc.

Among the tools available to the yogi sexual techniques are the most powerful and, along with the drugs, the most dangerous.  Sexual desire, which is connected to the possibility of perpetuating the human life on earth, is creative energy in its purest form. If you want to use to open the secret door (the middle way), you must use it with caution.
Imagine that the abdomen and pelvis are a pressure cooker full of water.  Sexual desire is the spark with which I turn on the gas.  The caresses, kisses, rubbing bodies and, later, the increasingly rapid movements of penetration are the fire that increases the temperature and, therefore, accelerates the movement of water molecules in the pental. More salt the temperature and the greater the turbulence of the water molecules is transformed into steam which increases the internal pressure of the pot.
pressure cooker

When the pressure increases interba opens the valve on the lid ("valve exercise") and, accompanied by a high-pitched sound, comes out a column of steam. 
In our banal metaphor emission of steam corresponds to the emission of semen, or the conclusion of the report and at the end of desire.  If the valve on the lid of the pressure cooker was clogged the pot would turn into a bomb.  And 'for why manufacturers have introduced a safety valve, a diaphragm that bursts when the internal pressure becomes excessive.
Even in the male body, the tantra, there are two valves, located at the base of the penis.  The first, more or less corresponding to the first three petals ofSvadhisthana chakra , opens to release sperm when, during intercourse, the internal temperature rises above 39 ° (it is amusing to note that within these three petals are recorded syllables BA , BHA and MA which are obtained by combining the Sanskrit words corresponding to dad and mom).  
The second valve is represented by the other three petals of Svadhisthana chakra, marked by the syllables YAM , RAM and LAM , or the bija mantra of the chakra of the heart, navel and perineum, located on the median channel. 
Some believe that to open the "safety valve" is sufficient to stop the flow of sperm mechanically, squeezing the base of the penis or the perineum, or cooling the testicles with ice, actually what must go back into the channel median is not the sperm but the vibration of desire .  The only effects that can be achieved by stopping the emission of sperm are mechanically damage to the prostate and a vague feeling of strength and power largely due to psychological factors and, in small part, to excess testosterone circulating in the body.

The work required to open the "secret door" is much more subtle and delicate than you might think.  The dynamic excitation - penetration - emission of sperm corresponds to a physiological process, naturally, for the retention of the human species. Tantric sexual practices are based instead on the inversion of the natural process and  the knowledge necessary to implement this '' inversion of water and fire "is not something you can learn in a short time by relying on approximate readings or instinct. 
The man and the woman have opposite characteristics and complementary. The subtle channels (nadi) man are tight and stiff, and most of the energy that circulates, that we can define OJAS (a term that can be translated with vitality or strength) tends naturally to the outside. The subtle channels of Women are soft and wide, and the energy that circulates and which can be defined generically PRANA, tends internalization. 
To try to understand what it means we can try to observe the instinctive harmony breaths and moans during sex rspporto: man tends to breathe when the penis out of the vagina and to exhale and make sounds during penetration.  The woman, inversely, exhale and groaning, in principle, in the phase of "empty".  When you consider breathing as a way of communicating the inspiratory phase and the expiratory phase will correspond to listening to the expression.
The man expresses his inner, or conducts energy outward from the center, during the full (penetration).
The woman expresses his inner reverse during vacuum.
Who wants to go into the way of tantric sex should first devote himself to the observation of this trend, the opposite and complementary, and the analysis of its implications, both philosophical and physical.

To Be Continued .......
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THE WAY OF SEX - Part Three

Post No. 63 released on July 3, 2013 by paoloproietti.rnk
"That which is celebrated as a source of universal flow spreading happiness is called genital organ, but has essentially the middle way"
Jayaratha - Tantralokaviveka vol. III, p. 430 , quoted by Lilian Silburn in "Kundalini or the energy of the deep")

Hindu erotic art
In Tantric sexual practices the emphasis is, of course, and beyond doubt, on the genitals ( upastha ), defined  vajra (diamond) and padma (lotus). In all or most of the images tantric penis and vagina are in the spotlight, but we must consider that it's sexual organs "made sacred" or "deified". Writes Abhinavagupta (Tantraloka V, 122)
The set of organs deified resides effortlessly in this kingdom full of happiness, that of a perpetually emerging consciousness "
The firmness of the organs is the visible aspect of  VIRYA , sexual energy and is sacred in itself, because  VIRYA is a form of the Goddess,  but obviously not enough to have sex turgid to be a tantric! The real Yogi is one who, full of the power and, freed from the constraints (ie the causes of "contraction") lives the experience immersed in the flow of pleasure which turns (I'm quoting again AbhinavaguptaParatrisikavivarana 47-49) " in a intense awareness whose act vibrating (spilling ) extends beyond the limits of space and time ".Accrescere their sexual energy means, in tantra, increase the capacity to fully live up to reach the state of happiness without limits defined Sahaja , or natural state .
Writes Abhinavaagupta, translated by Silburn ( Paratrisikavivarana 49,50) " To fail to manhood is to miss life, lack the ability to wonder  [feature] of being with a heart ( sahṛdaya meaning "sensitive" "empathetic", "good heart "), immersed in the fervor and whose virile power is in effervescence, because only the heart that strengthens this power is capable of wonder "
Hindu erotic art
The quiet amazement, transport measured lovers Indians want to represent not the lack of passion, but the effervescence subtle potency when it is used to expand the sensory organs, and thus consciousness. Effervescence, expansion, abduction, wonder are Trai terms used in the texts. In appearance they are words that are at odds with the idea we have of the yogi, all absorbed in himself and to get busy detachment from the senses, but for the tantric detachment is detachment from the object perceived, but by the desire of that 'object, which of course does not mean being detached from the lover or the act of love. Seize " the virile power in the act of gushing "for example not mean to prevent the emission of semen without taking into account the needs of our partners, as many believe. Lock, stop, stop are words that do not appear in the vocabulary of Tantrism, whose techniques are based on the lightness and sweetness, abandonment controlled (in the sense of conscious) to the flow of pleasure.
radha krishna
What must be blocked or broken is not the natural process of ejaculation, but if anything, the dynamic BIRTH OF DESIRE - SATISFACTION - DEATH OF DESIRE.
The compulsive search for an object of pleasure to satisfy their desires and repression of desires are both constraints, the chains that make the human being a slave. The perception of the effervescence of the sexual energy that can produce what is called THE ROAR OF yogis can only come from freedom . The tantric not search the pleasure, but is surprised. with the soul of the child, or the artist, discovers the beauty of a sound, a color, the flight of a seagull in a TOUCH and he is surprised. This kind of sinestia and amused detachment that accompanies draw are symptoms of the rise of kundalini. The sound of cymbals during meditation or a tasty food are "felt" like a caress or a gust of wind. 
Probably the dance and the dancers' bodies are so frequent in pictorial representations, sculptures and tantric symbolism because they make the invisible visible, the caress of God that touches the body and the heart of the yogi in the state of ananda, in every moment of its existence . Paradoxically, the expansion of the senses caused by the accumulation of sexual energy absorption in the door itself.The different "quality" of sensory stimuli, allows you to penetrate the essence of the object that causes them favoring the identification of the yogi with the perception (enjoy the action) and the perceived object (object of enjoyment): this is what is called Samadhi . 
-contrinua ....
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THE WAY OF SEX - second part

Post No. 62 released on July 2, 2013 by paoloproietti.rnk
The organs of sight, hearing, taste and smell reside in a subtle way in the land and other items that belong to the lower levels of reality, and the highest does not go beyond the stage of illusion ( māyātattva ) while the  touch  resides at the top level of energy as a subtle feeling ineffable in which the  yogi  aspires incessantly; Contact this fact leads to a consciousness identical to the pure firmament, which shines its light. 
Abhinavagupta - Tantraloka  XI, 29-33

indian erotic art
Touch, for tantric, is the prince of the senses . All practices are based on the "feel" or perceive the flow of subtle energies, where thin is to be understood in the literal sense of the term: the flowing stream in the energy channels (represented graphically as the petals of the chakras) is described in the text as "thinner than a hair."

The sensitivity needed for tantric practices is, feverish, the mother who feels the need to Nipple baby milk before even hear their cry. A feeling that is linked to the sweetness, lightness, inner listening. All that is connected instead to the possession, the lust for power, envy, jealousy becomes an obstacle because it creates what Abhinavagupta defines "roughness" (see Tantraloka XXVIII ). The roughness is synonymous with contraction of blocks that prevent the free expansion of consciousness. The two lovers must be willing to vanish into each other until they merge in what is defined kramamudrā , a technical term that indicates the onset of a vibration not voluntary bodies, rhythm, alternating in humans and in women, and the absorption of the emergence of consciousness where penetration is a representation on the gross plane.
Kramamudrā is a kind of dance of bellies a subtle vibration that starts from the navel (the muscle puboccogigeo more likely) and sets in motion throughout the body axis aperture (pelvic, urogenital, chest, throat, soft palate), and is the symptom of the ascent of  Kundalini . Can not be copied and can not query voluntarily: should occur (a word that occurs frequently in the texts) naturally arise as gestures and sighs of pleasure lovers. It sounds easy, the problem stems from the mental structures of the West that in most cases, are unable to free themselves from the constraints of moral and cultural relying completely to feel and to enjoy. The feeling of the ascent of   Kundalini  in sexual practices is so subtle, sweet and just a thought in quotes "negative" to "back down the energy.
The phrase FAR subside ENERGY is not a metaphor. Here's another problem Westerners often approach with yoga is not affected by two trends equal and opposite, of devotion and philosophical speculation. The devotional approach, for as I understand it, is what makes you accept as true without moving an eyelash, the most absurd explanations of techniques and phenomena. For philosophical approach mean instead used to interpret the symbols and images as metaphors for something else otherwise inexpressible. One must remember that tantra is something eminently practical, based on experience. If you talk to a chakra, for example vishuddha cakra
you have to view it as a board anatomical and not as a symbol of some kind of metaphysical truth. Each petal indicates a nadi or an energy channel, thin as a hair, through which they move the energies ARE ALWAYS  Kundalini, and the letters included in the petals give us the frequency of energies that flow in the nadis. The central triangle has a precise correspondence is in the subtle physiology (projection of Kamakala) both in anatomy Western (uvula), the pericarp (center) is a section of the EIA MEDIAN (inner column), the syllable that is inscribed in the center ( Ham  in the case of the throat chakra) indicates the frequency that "activates" the energies of the individual petals. From every lotus then emanate the  Marići or light rays.
chakra moon
If the syllables recorded in the petals represent NOTES FUNDAMENTAL the event, Marići identified according to the schools with a series of deities or the " muni ", combine to give life to all the possible variants of the existence both universal and individual.  Knowledge of  Marići is fundamental to the work of us a subtle energies and for the understanding of the identity between the microcosm and macrocosm. 
360 as are the degrees of ' ECLIPTIC  and the days of the lunar year and are divided in this way:

FIRE - 118 RAYS:
Muladhara 56 rays,
svadhisthana 62 rays .

SUN - 106 RAYS:
Manipura 52 rays,
Anahata 54 att i.

LUNA - 136 RAYS:
Visuddha 72 rays,
Ajna 64 rays .

The 360  Marići rays are irradiated from the Goddess, and give life to the seasons, to the stages of life, emotions, thoughts, etc. etc ..
And  Marići  is also the name of the Goddess Durga in the act of irradiating the event.
The Tibetans call  Ozer Chenma (Queen of Light) or TARE
In the state in quotes "normal" human being, the RADIANCE Goddess in the form of Marići disperses in all the activities of "BODY / WORD / MIND", but when it triggers sexual desire rays are directed towards the "WHEEL CENTRAL ", the navel chakra, whose ten petals represent the channels in which rivers ten" vital airs "fundamental.

Heat tied When lock of desire as well as redness of the cheeks, the swelling of the lips, the greater softness of the skin and joints, are the effects of the concentration of energies "radiant" in  Manipura chakra .
temple of love

And 'KUNDALINI that is awakened by the force of desire. The energies tend to descend to the lower chakras to give rise to sexual union and issue, orgasm, which is a moment of "absorption" (samadhi) of one or both lovers. Even in the case of repeated reports and the renewal of desire, intercourse always follows the same dynamic: excitement (glances, caresses, kisses ....) / change of perception / penetration / issue.
It can happen, sometimes perceive a moment before orgasm, a kind of flash, a light CHIARA, such as defining the Buddhists, and this clear light is the vision of the radiance of the goddess. For a moment the lovers, or one of the two, are completely submerged in that light and sound that accompanies the issue (represented in tantra by syllable  AH ) losing the sense of time, space and individuality. but it is precisely for a moment:  Kundalini awakens, activates all the organs of the body and then back down to doze off again after the issue, said by Tantric "POISON".  The work being done in the tantric sex is to keep the 'attention in the space between the birth of desire and Poison, gradually increasing arousal of  kundalini through defined processes CLUTCH and EFFERVESCENCE, up to feed more and more the energies of the ten Nadis the navel chakra. 
temple of love
At one point, in the alternation of excitation / absorption in the other and rest / absorption in itself, the energy stored in the "WHEEL CENTRAL" is so powerful as to "straighten  Kundalini (which before then moving spiral) as a stick ".  The winds or vital airs navel then assume the role of "BEARERS OF STICK" and are represented pictorially as two servants intent on fanning the lovers or the Goddess or the Trident: 
Tantric techniques aimed at transforming intercourse mystical union with the divine, begin by learning the art of collecting the "RADIANCE" Goddess in the navel to allow the ascent. This first phase is aimed at the transformation and reindirizzamente vital energy, called Ojas  and its conscious use by both lovers to reach a state that could be called samadhi alert, or samadhi stabilized.

-end second part. To Be Continued .....
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THE WAY OF SEX - first part

Post No. 61 released on June 28, 2013 by paoloproietti.rnk
"You discover happiness through the  clutch that unifies the sexes  during the mutual enjoyment and thanks to it, you recognize the essence incomparable, always present. In fact, everything that comes from an internal or external organ resides in the form of consciousness or of breath in the realm of middle way which, essentially connected to the breath universal ( anuprāṇanā ), blood all over the body. And what is called  Ojas , vitality, and that enlivens the whole body "
Abhinavagupta -  Parātrīśikāvivaraṇa
That in yoga, there is a way realization based on sexual practices is well known. For some, like Abhinavagupta , is the main road, the highest and most sublime, to rediscover ONE with the Universe. For us in the West instead often becomes a winding path, full of pitfalls, herrings and secret trap doors that do not lead anywhere. The teachings of  kāma are so far away from our culture that often the Indian and Tibetan masters prefer to deny its existence or attrinbuir their driver's license of immorality and perversion, and judging from what we read about is not that they have a point: the sublime way of divine Eros looks run down to a series of techniques to "fuck better", "last longer", "have more orgasms", etc. etc .... that, well ... is not that they are bad things, but I suspect they do not coincide with the aims of erotic practices according   Gorakanath , Padmasambhava or Abhinavagupta.
you must
Why is it so difficult to understand the tantric teachings?
Surely the morbid attitude we have towards sex and the ability to use guilt as an educational tool play an important role. Then you have to take account of deception and manipulation (or even rewriting) of the tantric texts, operated, in the seventeenth century, Christian missionaries landed in the wake of the East India Companies. But the main problem, in my opinion, lies in our mental categories, in our "technique of thinking", as she called Gramsci. We, modern Westerners, we are used to seeing the world in terms duals:
MALE - FEMALE etc. etc.
The universe of the ancient yogis were instead regulated by three forces or NO ADDITIONAL FIRE, SUN, MOON. The fire is the supreme goddess, called  śakt i, Kundalini ,  Durgā or bhagavati which is the active energy, the person who knows ( or who enjoys: knowledge and enjoyment are synonymous in Tantrism ) without which there is neither sun nor moon. 
The sun is the couple  kāma kāma Isvari ( often in paintings and sculptures isthe only part of being female  kāma " Ananga "or incorporeal, without parts, ether-like ...) indicates that the action of knowing and of enjoy.

The moon, finally is the god  Shiva representing the BODY UNIVERSE, or the object of knowledge or enjoyment.

To proceed in the way of tantric sex you must learn to think as "tantric". A hard task, but admitting to succeed we would still face the obstacle of the texts. The vast majority of books on the subject is written and / or translated by men, whereas, I am convinced, Tantra comes from the body and mind of women.
ananda mayi
If not taken into account include certain details, including anatomical, of tantric practices becomes impossible. The yoga practitioner to progress needs a woman teacher, a  yogini who accompany him gently inner listening, the subtle dimension where the song of the stars is as tangible as the caress the beloved. Just as the woman "teacher", the   Sleeping Beauty , needs a yogi to be awakened to his role.
krishna radha
The traces of an ancient feminine wisdom, origin of yogic practices, would not be difficult to recover in the scriptures, in the biographies of the masters and operational techniques, but we are so spoiled by our macho culture (and fallocrate would add some of my friends) to exchange the 'evidence for weirdness and a byword for objective reality. Machismo, mind you, not the disease that only affects men: do not forget that they are mothers to educate their sons and often does, as a reaction, that women embrace the dual logic and theorize a kind of genetic inferiority sex male unbalancing energetically themselves and their partners.
However, on closer look, the "scent of Woman" sniffs a bit 'everywhere.Abhinavagupta, for example, defines himself  yoginībhū,  generated by a  yoginiand his doctrine, the kaula (that of siddha , for instance) comes from the teachings of a woman, the "DAUGHTER OF TRIAMBAKA" identifiable, in my opinion with  the USA , called from time to time  Mrs. Dawn,  Daughter of Heaven  or Sky Dancer.
The practical, technical "way of desire  ", is exposed in the 1000 books of kāmaśāstra attributed to Nandi and officially lost (I say officially because it happened to me several times to track down the lost books of defined Gorakanath , or other semplicemnete clicking on its title on the sites of the Indian Digital Library, the shankara math or portals of Tamil culture). Those involved in yoga knows thatNandi is a white bull, the "VEHICLE" of the god  Shiva
The cattle, to make happy human beings, would put a pen between the hooves and knocked out, black on white, the deeds of love, discussions, dances of sacred Hindu couple,  Shiva and  Parvati . That may be so, I know many devotees prepared to swear, but to me, who are not devout, the notion that the brains as Abhinavagupta, Patanjali or Shankara they actually believe that it is a quadruped armed with a pen and paper to indoctrinate men seems a bit 'weird.
I went to see three vocabularies online, Cologne Digital Sanskrit , Monier-Williams  and Spoken Sanskrit and discovered:
1) that Nandi , and its variant  Nandi , are female names that mean "satisfaction", "sexual joy", "contentment".
2) that Nandi is one of the names given to the Goddess of Love,  āmeśvarī  , when embodied in  the USA , the "DAUGHTER OF HEAVEN."
But look a little '....
Sure it takes a quirky sense of humor to call a bull, the symbol of virility and for us as for the Indians, with the name of a dancer. I do not know if a breeder of our parts would never name Carla Fracci to 1000 pounds beast gifted, but I doubt it. Eye, NANDI is an honorific term, attributed to the teachers or yogi who had reached the same level of their instructor.
Interesting .... but after all that Nandi was a teacher of yoga and dance rather than a bull wheel is not news that changes lives. the most interesting thing I think is not to know who taught certain techniques, but in what they consist of, those certain techniques.
Before going into the details but I think it is better to fix a few points:
- To be continued ....

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