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Ayurveda Traditional Products

Ayurveda Traditional Products
Ayurveda treats the individual rather than the diseases. Hence the same medicine is used for different ailments and different medicines are used for the same symptom in different individuals, considering the physical constitution and the predilection of the individual.
 Information on traditional ayurvedic formularies 
 ARISHTAS are prepared by fermenting decoctions of herbs. 
 ASAVAS are prepared by fermenting water extracts of herbs (unboiled). 
 Normal dose of Arishtas and Asavas is 15ml –25ml twice daily. 
OILS are preparations of herbal decoction boiled with gingili oil (THAILAM), coconut oil (KERA), and castor oil (ERANDA). Thailas & keras are used mainly externally and Eranda thailam mainly internally.
 KASHAYAMS are prepared by boiling herbs in water and suitably reduced. Usual dose is 5-15ml mixed with four times its quantity of boiled and cooled water, preferably taken in morning and evening in empty stomach. 
 LEHYAMS are electuaries prepared from herbs with honey, sugar or jaggery added to it. Usual dose is 5-10 gm twice daily. 
 CHOORNAMS are powders of various herbs. Usual dose is 5gms twice daily. 
 PILLS (GULIKA) are preparations of herbs properly ground and rolled to a globular shape and dried. 
 BHASMAS are fine powdery preparations of minerals, chemicals etc purified by special processes usually at high temperatures. The prescribed micro dose is taken along with suitable media (anupanam). 
 GHRITHAMS (GHEES) are preparations of herbs in ghee. Normal dosage is 5-10 gm twice daily. 

Medicines with Main Indications

1.ABHAYARISHTA – in piles & constipation – a laxative - improves digestive power. 
2.AMRITHARISHTA – in all kinds of fevers at any stage. 
3.ARAGWADARISHTA – in skin diseases like leucoderma, leprosy, infected and unclean wounds. 
4.ARAVINDASAVA – in diseases of children like gastritis, fever, leanness, tastelessness and anaemia. 
5.ARDRAKASAVA – indigestion, vomiting. 
6.ASOKARISHTA – in excessive menstrual discharges, bleeding, menstrual disorders. 
7.ASWAGANDHARISHTA – loss of memory, lethargy, leanness, relieves weakness of tissues. 
8.AYASKRITHI – in diabetes mellitus, anaemia, reduces excess fat 
9.BALARISHTA – in all rheumatic and nervous disorders, gives nourishment and strength to the body, improves digestive power. 
10.BRINGARAJASAVA – in cough and breathlessness, aphrodiasic, gives strength and nourishment, makes infertile women fertile. 
11.CHANDANASAVA – in leucorrhoea and spermatorrhoea. Also in dysurea. 
12.CHAVIKASAVA – in weak digestion, anaemia and gastritis. 
13.DANTHYARISHTA – laxative. improves digestion, relieves diseases of liver and spleen. 
 – gives strength and nourishment to the body, promotes energy, corrects seminal defects, nourishes tissues.
15.DEVADARVARISHTA – in diabetes, rheumatic ailments, gastritis, piles, dysuria, major skin diseases. 
– in rheumatic and nervous disorders, fracture of bones, hernia, in diseases of vagina, post delivery treatment.
17.DHATHRYARISHTA – in diabetes. 
18.DRAKSHARISHTA – gives strength and nourishment to the body. laxative, improves digestion 
19.DRAKSHASAVA – has all qualities mentioned for Draksharishta. 
20.DURALABARISHTA – has all the qualities of Abhayarishta, more laxative. 
 – in skin eruptions, allergy, chronic fever, infected sinuses, cough, breathlessness, fistula and diabetic eruptions and boils, venereal diseases.
22.JEERAKADYARISHTA - in post delivery care. Also in gastritis and indigestion. 
23.KANAKASAVA – in cough, breathlessness, tuberculosis, complication of chest injury, chronic fever. 
24.KHADIRARISHTA – in all types of skin diseases. Also in tumors, cancers and diseases of spleen. 
25.KUMARYASAVA – in diseases affecting liver and spleen, jaundice, stones and seminal defects, improves digestive power. 
26.KUTAJARISHTA – in dysentery, gastritis, improves digestive power. 
27.LAKSHMANARISHTA – in leucorrhoea, menstrual irregularities and diseases of vagina. 
28.LODHRASAVA – in diabetes, obesity. 
29.LOHASAVA – in anaemia, mouth ulcer. 
30.MADHOOKASAVA – in gastritis of children, leanness, skin diseases, worm infestation, nourishes the body. 
31.MOOLAKADYARISHTA – in itches, scabies and eczema in children. 
32.MRIDWEEKARISHTA – in weakness, exhaustion, correct digestion and excretion. 
33.MUSTHARISHTA – in indigestion, diarrhoea, gastritis in children. 
34.NALIKERASAVA – in old age, impotent - restores health. 
35.NIMBARISHTA – in itches, scabies, boils, other skin diseases and ulcers caused by vitiated blood. 
36.PARPATAKARISHTA – in jaundice, in diseases of liver and spleen. 
37.PARTHADYARISHTA – in diseases of heart and lungs, improves strength of body. 
38.PIPPALYASAVA – in gastritis, colic. Improves digestive power. 
39.POOTHIVALKASAVA – in piles and related diseases. 
40.PUNARNAVASAVA – in swellings, diseases of liver and spleen. 
SARASWATHARISHTA – improves intelligence and memory power, mental disturbances, mentally retarded children, corrects slurred speech and other speech defects.
42.SARIBADYASAVA – purifies blood, also in leucorrhoea and fistula. 
43.SIREESHARISHTA – In all kinds of internal poisons, skin diseases. 
44.SREEKHANDASAVA – in mental disturbances, weakness from excessive use of intoxicants, insanity. 
45.USEERASAVAM - anaemia, impurities of blood 
46.VARANASAVA – in headaches, sinusitis, hemicrania. 
47.VASARISHTA – in severe cough and cold, breathlessness, hoarseness of voice and complications due to trauma of chest. 
Oils & Kuzhambus
ADITHYAPAKA THAILAM – for local application in itches and scabies –warm the oil in sunlight and apply over the affected part - followed by bath after one hour with warm water.
2.ANUTHAILAM – For all ENT diseases. Drip in two to three drops in each nostril. 
3.ARIMEDAS THAILAM (BIG) – more effective than the small variety. 
4.ARIMEDAS THAILAM (SMALL) - For all oro-dental diseases. In toothache also. 
5.ARUKALADI THAILAM - for application over the head in jaundice 
6.ASANAELADI THAILAM –To prevent common cold. 
7.ASANAMANJISHTADI THAILAM – for application on the head in headache & burning sensation. 
8.ASANAVILWADI THAILAM – for all ENT diseases – to be applied on the head before bath. 
9.ASHTAPATRADI COCONUT OIL - for application on the head for diseases of the head. 
 – for all rheumatic diseases. used internally and externally in different ways - inhalation, enema. relieves spastic conditions, facial paralysis, etc.
11.BALADHATRYADI THAILAM – in headache and diseases of the eyes. 
12.BALAGULUCHYADI THAILAM – in headache and common cold. 
13.BALAHATADI THAILAM – in chronic incessant head aches. 
14.BALASWAGANDHADI THAILAM – to the body and head in chronic fever, sleeplessness. 
 – used exclusively external over the body, below the neck, to give strength and nourishment to the body.
 – in all nervous and rheumatic diseases especially in facial paralysis, hemiplegia - used internally or externally.
 – in severe burning sensation of the head & headache due to excessive heat. Also in sleeplessness. Can be used internally in specific cases.
18.CHANDANADI THAILAM (big) – for external application in fever, burning sensation, mental disturbances, epilepsy etc. 
19.CHANDANADI THAILAM (small) – giddiness, epilepsy, mental disorders. gives cooling to eyes and head. 
20.CHEMPARUTHYADI COCONUT OIL – used externally in itches, scabies, eczema and other skin conditions. 
21.CHINCHADI THAILAM – used externally in inflammations, aches and pains. improves circulation. 
 – has same actions as of DHANWANTHARAM THAILAM but is used externally on the body only (below the neck)
– in chronic rheumatic and nervous diseases. used externally during pregnancy period. Avarthy (101 times potency) used internally.
24.DHURDHOORAPATRADI COCOUT OIL – very effective in dandruff control. 
25.DHURDHOORAPATRADI THAILAM – in itches, scabies and eczema in children. 
26.DINESHAVILWADI THAILAM – to the body in itches, scabies, psoriasis, eczema etc. improves complexion. 
27.ELADI COCONUT OIL - similar to Eladi oil but more suited to children. 
28.ELADI THAILAM – for application on the head in diseases caused due to vata-kapha disorders. 
29.GANDHA THAILAM – in sprain, fracture of bones, dislocation etc. for internal & external use. 
30.GANDHARVAHASTHADI CASTOR OIL – in rheumatic and nervous diseases. as laxative if given internally. 
31.HINGUTHRIGUNA THAILAM – in hernia, colic, ascites etc. 
32.JATHYADI THAILAM – in wounds and ulcers. 
33.KADALEEPHALADI THAILAM – in severe headache & insomnia. 
34.KARINOCHYADI VELICHENNA – to prevent common cold and headache. 
35.KARPASASTHYADI KUZHAMBU – Action same as for Karpasasthyadi Thailam but only external application. 
– for application on the body in rheumatic and nervous diseases, in facial paralysis, hemiplegia and frozen shoulder syndrome.
37.KARPOORADI THAILAM – very effective in muscular pain, cramps. For external use. 
 – for application on the head in diseases caused due to pitta disorder especially dental and ophthalmic diseases. also prevents graying of hair.
39.KHAJITHAPINDA THAILAM – externally-in swellings of joints, inflammations, in severe burning sensation. 
KOTTAMCHUKADI THAILAM – for application on the body in aches and pains, for numbness and rheumatic swelling of the joints. Relieves oedema.
41.KSHEERABALA THAILAM – in facial paralysis & hemiplegia. The Avarthy(101) can be given internally to strengthen the nerves. 
42.KUNTHALAKANTHI THAILAM – excellent hair tonic for hair growth. prevents hair fall, premature graying. 
43.LAKSHADI KUZHAMBU – same as Lakshadi thailam but more nourishing. used externally over the body (below the neck) 
44.LAKSHADI THAILAM – for children and pregnant women especially in chronic fever, convulsions, etc. 
45.MADHUYASHTYADI THAILAM – in arthritis. Improves circulation. 
MAHAKUKKUDAMAMSA THAILAM – in nervous and rheumatic diseases. in aches and pains . used internally and externally especially for women after delivery.
47.MAHAMASHA THAILAM – in hemiplegia, facial paralysis, chronic rheumatism. 
48.MAHAPINDA THAILAM – in acute rheumatism. Relieves burning sensation quickly. Increase blood circulation. 
49.MALATHYADI THAILAM – for fungal infection of scalp, falling of hair and itching. 
50.MANJISHTADI THAILAM – headache, diseases of the eyes- coolness to head and eyes - has pleasant odor. 
51.MARICHADI THAILAM – in incessant cold, cough, and breathlessness. For external use. 
52.MURIVENNA – heals wounds, fractures. Internal and external. 
53.NALPAMARADI COCONUT OIL – same as of Nalpamaradi thailam – more suited for children. 
54.NALPAMARADI THAILAM – in itches, scabies, erysipelas and other skin diseases. 
55.NARAYANA THAILAM (BIG) – in facial paralysis, hemiplegia, nervous disorders due to diabetes 
56.NARAYANA THAILAM (small) – in poliomyelitis . also in nervous and circulatory disturbances. 
57.NEELIBRINGADI COCONUT OIL – same as for Neelibringadi thailam but more suited to children 
 –for rich growth of dark, long hair. gives coolness to the head and eyes. Checks premature greying of hair.
59.NEELOLPALADI THAILAM – in insomnia. Gives black coloration to hair naturally. 
60.NIMBAMRITHADI CASTOR OIL – given internally as laxative in skin diseases and in arthritic conditions. other pitta disorders. 
61.PACHAVALKADI THAILAM – to the body and head in Erysipelas, itches and other skin diseases due to vitiation of blood. 
62.PANCHAMLA THAILAM – externally in swellings and Ascites. 
63.PANCHASNEHA THAILAM – in all rheumatic and nervous diseases associated with pain. also in frozen shoulder syndrome. 
64.PANCHAVALKADI COCONUT OIL – same as Panchavalkadi thailam but more suited for children. 
65.PARANTHYADI THAILAM – on head and body in itches, scabies, boils and eczema of children, in skin diseases of adults also. 
66.PARINATHAKERYADI THAILAM – for pain in frozen shoulder syndrome, used externally. 
67.PINDA THAILAM – applied externally in acute rheumatism . for swelling, pain, redness and burning sensation. 
68.PRABANJANAVIMARDHANAM KUZHAMBU – in numbness. Effective in paraplegia , sciatica and lumbago. 
69.PRASNADI THAILAM – in common cold and associated symptoms. 
70.SAHACHARADI KUZHAMBU – same action as of Sahacharadi Thailam but used externally . 
 – in rheumatic and nervous diseases especially affecting the lower part of the body. Internally also.
72.SUDHABALA THAILAM – similar to Ksheerabala- is not that much nourishing – price economical. 
73.THEKARAJA THAILAM – for application on head if suffering from severe cough and wheezing. 
74.THENGINPUSHPADI THAILAM – burning sensation of the head. Gives cooling effect to eyes and head. 
75.THRIPHALADI THAILAM – for all ENT disorders – application on head. 
76.VACHALASUNADI THAILAM – in earache and pus in ear. 
77.VATAMARDHANAM KUZHAMBU – in aches, numbness etc. 
78.VATHASINI THAILAM – burning sensation. also in aches and pains. 
 Kashayas (KWATH) 
1.AMRITHOTHARAM – in fever. regulates digestion and bowel evacuation during fever. 
2.ARAGWADADI – in skin diseases. Also in skin disorders associated with diabetes or fever. 
3.ASHTAVARGAM – in all nervous and rheumatic diseases. 
4.BALAJEERAKADI – in breathlessness, fever, pain of chest. 
 – in breathlessness, hiccough, cough, sprain, and nervous disorders. Can be used regularly from 7th month onwards during pregnancy for easy and normal delivery.
6.BHARNGYADI – in chronic and irregular fevers. 
7.CHANDANADI – in bleeding diseases, relieves thirst, cough, fever. 
8.CHIRUVLIWADI – extremely effective in piles and its associated symptoms. 
9.DASAMOOLA KADUTHRAYAM – in cough, breathlessness. pain in chest, back and head regions. 
10.DHANADANAYANADI – in facial paralysis, and convulsive disorders. 
DHANWANTHARAM – in facial paralysis, hemiplegia, loss of strength, intestinal flatulence, colic, dysuria, oliguria and diseases of vagina in postnatal treatments.
 – in insanity, mental disturbances, alcoholism, unconsciousness, burning sensation, exhaustion, thirst, vomiting, jaundice etc.
 – Corrects digestion, laxative. given in flatulence. given daily in the morning to patients undergoing special treatments like dhara, pizhichil etc.
14.GRAHANYANTHAKAM – in gastritis of children. 
15.GULGULUTHIKTHAKAM – in skin diseases. tumor, cancer, fistula, Piles etc. 
16.GULUCHYADI – in arthritis. Clears impurities of blood. 
17.INTHUKANTHAM – in colic, tuberculosis, irregular fever. improves digestion and gives strength to the body. 
18.JEEVANTHYADI – in eruptive fevers, boils, itches, scabies, erysipelas, skin complications of diabetes. 
19.KOKILAKSHAM – in swelling, burning sensation, pain in arthritis. 
21.MANJISHTADI – in skin diseases and diseases due to vitiation of blood . 
22.MOOLAKADI – in boils, eczema and other dermatomes. in scabies of children. 
23.MUSALEEKHADIRADI - in leucorrhoea and vaginal bleedings. 
24.NADI KASHAYAM - for women immediately after delivery. in complications of trauma like fracture, contusions etc. 
25.NAYOPAYAM – in breathlessness, hiccough, cough etc. 
26.NIMBADI – in boils especially of diabetes. 
27.PANCHATHIKTHAKAM – in malaria and irregular fevers. 
 – in headache, pain on eyebrows, sides of head, earache, sinusitis, night blindness, pain and diseases of eye and head.
29.PATOLADI – in skin diseases due to blood impurity – also a laxative. 
30.PATOLAKATUROHINYADI – in itches and scabies and other skin diseases. jaundice, fever, poisoning, anorexia, vomiting. 
31.PRASARANYADI – in rheumatic and nervous disorders, frozen shoulders syndrome. 
32.PUNARNAVADI – in anemia with swelling all over. fever, cough, breathlessness. in diseases of liver and kidneys. 
33.PRASNA PANCHAKAM – Relieves rheumatism affecting different parts of the body. 
34RASNADI (Big) – in hemiplegia, facial paralysis, arthralgia, rheumatic conditions. 
35.RASNADI (small) – relieves swelling and pain of knees, calves of legs, hip, back, back of neck, sides of chest etc 
36.RASNASAPTHAKAM – Relieves aches and pains affecting sides of chest, back, hip, thighs and legs. 
37.SAHACHARADI – in rheumatic and nervous disorders affecting the lower parts (below the hip) especially. 
38.SAPTHASARAM – in colic, haematometra, pain of vagina, heart, abdomen, back and hip, regulates motion, improves digestion. 
 – in diseases of uterus, clears it, cures infertility, used also in flatulence, colic, abdominal pain, indigestion, constipation.
40.THIKTHAKAM – in leucoderma and other skin diseases. In jaundice also. 
41.VARANADI – increases digestive power, relieves internal abscess, headache, obesity. 
42.VASAGULUCHYADI – in jaundice, anaemia, bleeding diseases. 
 – in diseases of the heart, leanness (wasting) colic, cough and breathing problems – gives nourishment to the body, good to regain health after delivery.

AGASTHYA RASAYANAM – in cough, breathlessness, hiccough, tuberculosis, colics, gastritis, piles, heart diseases, tastelessness, sinusitis, irregular fever. improves strength and lusture of the body, prevents ageing.

AJAMAMSARASAYANAM – in breathlessness, pain in sides and chest area , cough, distension of abdomen, body weakness. gives vitality, nourishment and strength to the body. in pregnant women helps for a safe delivery.

ASWAGANDHADI – Gives nourishment to the body. used in tuberculosis, lean persons. improves semen, restores health after delivery and for copious lactation.
4.CHINCHADI LEHYAM (Big) – is more stronger than CHINJADI LEHYAM (small) 
5.CHINCHADI LEHYAM (small) – in anemia , jaundice, swelling, heart diseases, haematometra. improves digestion and appetite. 
CHYAVANAPRASAM – in cough, breathlessness, tuberculosis, voice defects, heart diseases. corrects urinary and seminal defects, gives good digestive power, nourishment and lusture to the body, good memory power. good tonic for the debilitated. good aphrodisiac.
DASAMOOLAHARITHAKI LEHYAM – in swellings, ascities, colics, acid eructation, urinary and seminal defects, indigestion, constipation, flatulence, cough, breathlessness, bleeding diseases, arthritis, chronic fever etc. improves appetite.
DASAMOOLARASAYANAM – in breathlessness, hiccough, sprain, tuberculosis, cough, hoarseness of voice, sinusitis, tastelessness, vomiting and indigestion.
9.KALLYANAGULAM – laxative, given in gastritis, piles, jaundice, anemia, colic, ascites, fistula, skin diseases. corrects sperm defects. 
10.KOOSMANDARASAYANAM – in complications of chest injury, bleeding diseases, cough, breathlessness, hiccough, tuberculosis, haemoptysis. gives nourishment and strength to the body. 
11.MADHUSNIHI RASAYANA (Small) – same as MADHUSNIHIRASAYANA (Big) but lesser strength. 
12.MADHUSNUHI RASAYANA (Big) – in fistula, scrofula, sinus ulcers, leprosy and other skin diseases, syphilis, leucorrhoea, diabetes, piles, erysipelas, itches and scabies. given under strict restrictions. 
13.MAHAVILWADI LEHYAM – in indigestion, tastelessness, vomiting, gastritis, cough, breathlessness, sinusitis, splenomegaly, anemia, jaundice, piles and diseases of the neck. 
14.MANIBADRA LEHYAM – in leprosy, leucoderma, itches, scabies and other skin diseases, worm infestation, diseases of the spleen and other glands, ascites, colics, piles, diabetes, breathlessness and cough. laxative. 
NARASIMHARASAYANAM – improves tissue (semen also) strength, improves vitality, nourishment and lusture to the body, intelligence and memory power, helps fluent speech, promotes abundant growth of black hair, and golden lusture to the body and helps women to retain youthfulness.
16.PANCHAJEERAKAGUDAM – given to women after delivery, relieves nervine problems, vaginal diseases, cough, breathlessness, fever, tuberculosis, anemia, polyurea and bad smell, promotes big, erect breasts. 
17.PULIMKUZHAMBU LEHYAM – in colic, haematometra, intestinal pain and flatulence, indigestion, given after delivery and to cleans the uterus. 
18.SATAVARIGULAM – in leucorrhoea, dysuria, oliguria and vaginal discharges, bleeding diseases and jaundice, burning in the stomach, giddiness, burning sensation of hands and feet. 
19.SOORANADI LEHYAM – in piles. improves digestion and taste. 
20.SUKLUMARA LEHYAM – Action same as of SUKUMARA GHRITHA, more useful in cases of indigestion. 
21.THALEESAPATRAVATAKAM – in vomiting, gastritis, salivation, tastelessness colics, nausea, piles, swelling, fever, pain in chest and sides, cough, breathlessness, sinusitis. 
22.THAMBOOLALEHYAM – in whooping cough, cough, breathlessness, vomiting, sprain. 
23.THRIVRITHLEHYAM – laxative and purgative. 
24.VILWADI LEHYAM – in vomiting, tastelessness, indigestion, cough and breathlessness. 
25.VYOSHADI VATAKAM – in sinusitis, cough, breathlessness and hoarseness of voice. promotes taste. 
 Choorna ( Powder ) 
1.ASHTA CHOORNA – in indigestion, colic 
2.AVIPATHI CHOORNA – laxative, in poison afflictions. 
3.DASANAKANTHI CHOORNA – tooth powder. In swellings and inflammation of gums, bad smell of the mouth, toothache, throat pain and loss of voice. 
4.ELADI CHOORNA – in itches, skin diseases, poisoning, thickness, and change of colour of skin. applied externally in suitable media. 
5.GRIHADHOOMADI CHOORNA – applied thickly as a paste, in pain and swelling of arthritis. 
6.HINGUVACHADI CHOORNA – in flatulence, pain of chest and sides, indigestion, pain of urinary bladder, anus, vagina and hip . in tastelessness, hiccough, cough, breathlessness, colic, abdominal distension, piles and hernia. 
7.JADAMAYADI CHOORNA – for local application in rheumatic diseases with burning and swelling. 
8.KACHORADI CHOORNA – in severe headache, burning sensation of eyes and head, sleeplessness and insanity. applied as a paste in suitable media or rubbed on to the vertex. 
9.KARPOORADI CHOORNA – (Big) in tuberculosis, cough, breathlessness, vomiting, tastelessness, hiccough, and sprain. 
10.KARPOORADI CHOORNA – (Small) in cough and loss of taste. 
11.RAJANYADI CHOORNA – given in gastritis, diarrhoea, vomiting, fever, jaundice, anaemia, cough. improves strength, nourishment and lusture to the body. good for children. 
RASNADI CHOORNA – in common cold. to rub the scalp with in inflammation of throat, palate, ears, nose etc., due to cold and congestive type of head ache, and convulsions, the powder made into a paste is applied to the vertex. Application of a little powder to the dry scalp after bath will prevent common cold.
13.SHADDHARANA CHOORNA – Arthritis. skin diseases, including leprosy, piles, indigestion and constipation. 
14.THALEESAPATRADI CHOORNA - in loss of taste, poor digestion, vomiting, cough, breathlessness, and pain of the sides of chest. 
15.THRIPHALADI CHOORNA – In eye diseases, diseases of the skin, swelling and constipation. 
16.VAISWANARA CHOORNA – in colics, gastritis, piles, constipation and indigestion. gives good motion. 
 Gulika ( Tablet/Pill ) 
1.ARIYARADI GULIKA – in loose motion of children with green colour. 
2.ASALYADI – in common cold, wheezing cough, breathlessness of children. 
3.CHANDANADIVARTHI – in inflammations of the eyes, ulcers and cataract, makes eyes clear. 
4.CHNDRAPRABHA VATIKA – in diabetes, leucorrhoea, spermatorrhoea and arthritis, circulatory disturbances, burning micturitions. 
5.CHUKKUMTHIPPALYADI – in typhoid fever, chronic and irregular fever . 
6.DHANWANTHARAM GULIKA – in cough, breathlessness, hiccough, vomiting, tastelessness, sprain. In pregnant women this will help easy delivery.
Etc., of children and in infantile eczema.
7.GOPEECHANDANADI GULIKA – in fever, cough, breathlessness, convulsions 
8.GOROCHANADI GULIKA – prevents loss of consciousness in typhoid fever and to regain consciousness if it is lost, in hemiplegia, breathlessness, hiccough, sprain and cough. 
9.HINGUVACHADI GULIKA – for indigestion, tastelessness, colic and flatulence. 
10.KAISORAGULGULU – in circulatory disturbances, arthritis, leprosy and other skin diseases, fistula in ano, sinus ulcers, unclean ulcers, boils and scabies. 
11.KANKAYANA GULIKA – in non-bleeding piles and their complications. 
12.KASTHOORYADI GULIKA – in nervous conditions, cough, breathlessness and body aches. 
13.KHADIRA GULIKA – in diseases of teeth, purulent inflammations of gums and other diseases of the mouth. 
14.KOMPANJADI GULIKA – in diseases of children, in fever, cough, breathlessness, gastritis, infections, and convulsive disorders of children. 
15.KRIMISODHINI GULIKA – laxative to eradicate worms. 
16.MAHADWANTHARAM GULIKA – in breathlessness, cough, tuberculosis, vomiting, hiccough, pain sides of chest, dysuria, oliguria. given in pregnant women to prevent diseases/complications of pregnancy and make delivery easy. 
17.MANASAMITRAVATAKAM  in insanity, epilepsy and other convulsive disorders, mental disturbances. improves intelligence and memory power, prevents afflictions of poisoning and lightning. 
18.MANDOORAVATAKAM  in anemia, jaundice, swelling, splenomegaly, paraplegia, leprosy and other skin diseases, worm infestation, diabetes. enriches blood, improves taste. 
19.MARMA GULIKA (Big) used internally and externally in all complications and injury to the vital centers in the body, boils, in Cholera, bleeding diseases, leucorrhoea, oliguria etc. 
20..MUKKADI GULIKA – in mild fever. 
21.SUVARNAMUKKADI GULIKA – in typhoid fever, will relieve unconsciousness, slurred speech, in hemiplegia, facial paralysis. 
22.SWASANANDAM GULIKA – in breathlessness, hiccough and cough. 
23.VETTUMARAN GULIKA – in fever, eruptive fevers, discomfort in abdomen, mumps. 
VILWADI GULIKA – in poison treatments in all kinds of poisons, given internally, as inhalation or applied to eyes, good in administered poison, indigestion, vomiting, cholera, and fever.
25.YOGARAJAGULGULU – in arthritis, circulatory disturbances, rheumatic afflictions, unclean ulcers, skin diseases. 
1.ANNABHEDI SINDOORAM – in indigestion, loss of taste, giddiness, heartburn, vitiation of blood, anemia, jaundice, skin troubles. 
2.AVILTHOLADI BHASMA – in swellings, anemia, ascites. 
3.KALLYANAKSHARAM – in colic anemia, spleenomegally, piles, peptic ulcer, oliguria, gastritis, anti peristalsis, constipation. 
4.KANMADA BHASMA – in oliguria, leucorrhoea, diabetes. 
5.KANTHA SINDOORAM – colic, pain, gastritis, anemia, action same as LOHASINDOORA but has more digestive power. 
6.LOHA SINDOORAM – in diseases due to vitiated blood and obesity in anemia, jaundice, colic, liver diseases, leprosy, leucoderma and other skin diseases, diabetes, constipation, relieves taenia versicolor, scales and discolouration of skin, makes skin soft and complexion better. There is no gastritis irritation. 7,14, & 21 times purified (medicated) available. 
7.PRAVALABHASMA – in vaginal bleeding, cough, breathlessness, bleeding diseases, complications of chest injury and tuberculosis, gives strength to lungs. 
8.SANKHA BHASMAM – in indigestion, acid eructation, intestinal flatulence, colic, gastritis, splenomegaly. 
9.SRINGA BHASMAM – in leucorrhoea, burning micturition, bleeding diseases, cough 
1.AMRITHAPRASA GRITHAM – corrects weakness or wasting of tissues, helps regain proper nourishment of the body and vitality, given in complication of chest injury, tuberculosis, cough, breathlessness, bleeding diseases and rheumatic and nervous ailments, helps women after delivery to regain health and beauty. 
2.BRAHMI GHRITHAM – in insanity, epilepsy and other convulsive disorders and other mental diseases, improves intelligence and memory power,also used in leprosy and other skin diseases and infertility. 
3.BRIHATCHAGALADI GHRITHAM  in rheumatic and nervous diseases,swelling, loss of strength, emaciation due to tuberculosis, women after delivery can take this to regain health. 
4.DADIMADI GHRITHAM – in anaemia, colics, diseases of the spleen, heart diseases, piles and weak digestion corrects peristalsis, infertility,effects easy delivery. 
5.DHANWANTHARA GHRITHAM – in diabetes and its complications, in abscesses, colics, piles, anaemia, swelling, ascites, administered poison, insanity, epilepsy and other convulsive disorders, rheumatic and nervous disorders. 
6.DHATRYADI GRITHAM – in leucorrhoea, vaginal bleeding, unconciousness, alcoholism, insanity, bleeding diseases, jaundice and colics. 
7.GRAHANYANTHAKA GRITHAM – in gastritis, colics and weak digestion. 
8.GULGULUTHIKTHAKA GHRITHAM – in vascular diseases, arthritis, rheumatic and nervous disorders, leprosy and other skin diseases, tumour, cancer, fistula in ano, scrofula, sinus ulcers and abscesses, colics, piles anaemia, heart diseases, tuberculosis, tastelessness, cough, breathlessness and sinusitis, used in all diseases of the head. 
9.INDUKANTHA GHRITHAM – in tuberculosis, colics, pain and irregular fever, improves digestive power and gives nourishment to the body is a specific remedy for malaria. 
JATYADI GHRITHAM  will clean the ulcers and heal them, even ulcers on vital centres and deep seated ulcers used externally only.
11.JEEVANTHYADI GHRITHAM – in diseases of the eyes, especially of retina and cataract. 
12.KALYANA GHRITHAM – in anaemia, insanity, epilepsy and other convulsive disorders administered poison, mental deficiancy, speech defects, loss of memory, seminal weakness. Menstrual defects, strength and nourishment. 
13.MAHAKALYANA GHRITHAM – is much more effective than KALLYANA GHRITHAM, more nourishing. 
14.MAHATHIKTHAKA GHRITHAM – more effective than THIKTHAKA GHRITHAM—more soothing. 
15.MISRAKASNEHA – is a good laxative, in colics, antiperistalsis, diseases of the vagina, constipation, rheumatic and nervous disorders. 
16.PANCHAGAVYA GHRITHAM (small) – in insanity, epilepsy and other convulsive disorders, jaundice, anaemia, chronic fever, develops intelligence. 
17.PANCHAGAVYA GHRITHAM (Big) – more effective than the smal variety in all its indications, also in pilesm, fistula in ano, colics,swellings and ascites. 
18.PATOLADI GHRITHAM – in diseases affecting the different parts of the eyes especially catract, night blindness, purulent infection, redness and burning of the eyes, also in diseases of the nose. 
19.SARASWATHA GHRITHM – improves intelligecne and memory power, makes words more legible. 
20.SARVAMAYANTHAKA GHRITHAM – is given for all diseases, more effective in rheumatism, tumours of the head, facial paralysis, hemiplegia, vaginal pain bladder pain, in chronic fever, epilepsy and other convulsive disorders, insanity etc. 
SATHADHAUTHA GHRITHAM – in erysipelas, itches, boils, leprosy and other skin diseases, for local application (external) relieves heat, burning sensation and pain if exposed to fire, this may be applied immediately in some cases of poisoning also.
22.SATHAVARYADI GHRITHAM – in leucorrhoea, dysuria, oliguria, thirs, heartburn and weakness. 
23.SUKHAPRASAVA GHRITHAM – if pregnant women take this from the 8th motnh regularly, delivery will be easy. 
24.SUKUMARA GHRITHAM – actions same as for SUKUMARA KASHAYAMA – more effective in hernia and colics, regular use is beneficial in habitually constipated people. 
25.THIKTHAKAM GHRITHAM – in leucoderma, leprosy and other skin diseases, erysipelas, abscesses, sinus ulcers, anaemia, jaundice, gastritis, fistula in ano, piles, cataract, bleeding diseases, vaginal discharges, administered poison etc. 
VASTHYAMAYANTHAKA GHRITHAM – in all diseases affecting the bladder, in chronic leucorrhoea, spermatorrhoea, and oliguria.
VIDARYADI GHRITHAM – in spastic conditions, facial paralysis,frozen shoulder syndrome, leanness, colics, cough, breathlessness and heart diseases is nourishing. Women after delivery,take this to regain health.

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