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Volume 14, Number 1 (May/June 2013)

Engineering and Material Science

Microhardness Characteristics of Preheat-Treated Welded Locally Produced Ductile Iron.
D.Y. Kwa, PGD; I.M. Momoh, M.Eng.; and J.O. Borode, Ph.D. (Keywords: SAW, submerged arc
welding, microhardness, HAZ, PMZ, FZ, weld crack).

The Viability of Water/Alumino-Silicate Solution as Quenchant for Medium Carbon Steels.
J. Oghenevweta, M.Sc.; R. Mohammed, Ph.D.; V.S. Aigbodion, Ph.D.; and F. Asuke, M.Sc.
(Keywords: alumino-silicate, medium carbon steel, water, mechanical properties, metallurgy).

Evaluation of Khaya Seed Oil (Mahogany Oil) as Quenchant in the Hardening Process of
Plain Carbon Steel. Prof. S.B. Hassan and V.S. Aigbodion, Ph.D. (Keywords: hardening,
characteristics, plain carbon steel, Khaya seed oil, quenchant).

Investigation of Anti-Corrosive Effects of Lebbeck Seed Extract On Aluminum in Acid
Environment. A. Petchiammal, M.Sc. and S. Selvaraj, Ph.D. (Keywords: aluminum, aluminium, Al,
corrosion, inhibition, Albizia lebbeck seed, mass loss, adsorption, isotherm).

Hydraulic Characteristics of Porous Clay Pipes for Subsurface Irrigation. Henry E. Igbadun,
Ph.D. and Japheth Barnabas, B.Eng. (Keywords: porous clay pipe, subsurface irrigation, soil wetness,
hydraulic conductivity, seepage rate).

Optimization of the Quantity of Wood Ash Addition on Kaolinitic Clay Perform

 Pacific Journal of Science and Technology

An Interdisciplinary Journal of Research, Theories, and Observations

Volume 15, Number 1
(May/June 2014)
 A Semi-Annual Publication of Akamai University
The Pacific Journal of Science and Technology (PJST) is a peer-reviewed electronic journal of interdisciplinary scientific research, theories, and observations. PJST is a semi-annual publication of Akamai University, Hilo, Hawaii. The mission of this journal is to provide a non-commercial platform for the dissemination of scientific research and theory across the academic disciplines. We seek to facilitate greater communication between the scientific assembly at Akamai University and the larger scientific community. To this end, the PJST provides a platform for research conducted both inside and outside of our university. As a non-profit institute of higher learning, Akamai University seeks no publication or distribution fees from the PJST. The journal is provided strictly in the spirit of academic and scientific discourse and in support of our institutional mission of improving the human condition.

Table of Contents (Vol. 15, No. 1)
Referenced Papers
Engineering and Material Science

Energy and Power

Physics and Atmospheric Physics

Mathematics and Statistics

Information Technology and Communications

Management, Economics, and Education

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Life Sciences and Medicine

Geology and Earth Science

Environmental Science and Ecology

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