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Anti-obesity and Fertility herb: Aloe vera

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  • Shirish Bhate
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 14, 2007 
    Ayurvedic acharyas began investigation of the human body not by
    studying a corpse, but by passing their subconscious mind inside
    their own bodies and gathering the symptoms that individuals
    described and by observing signs that the patient may not have even
    noticed themselves. Over thousands of years, these groupings of
    qualities and characteristics began to paint landscapes that were
    very predictable. The insight obtained by meditation, study of the
    five basic elements making universe made the relationship between the
    symptoms clear, and certain techniques for clearing up the given
    imbalances were discovered.

    In many articles on ayurvedaonline, author has discussed the subject
    of liver playing a fundamental role in maintaining the body fat,
    state of sex hormones and thus fertility, blood purification and
    detoxification of rasa, rakta, mamsa and meda dhatus. Following the
    suggestion that the liver should be detoxed twice a year, several
    members have asked about the liver herbs which can restore liver
    functions, as taking detox procedure is impossible for them. The
    detox protocol consists more of fresh fiber rich vegetables and
    fruits, fatty acids and moong bean either in cooked or sprouted form.

    Liver detoxification is a faster procedure, while achieving liver
    function through herbs is a slow process.

    Ayurvedic herbs for liver from India are so many as mentioned in
    above link, nature having gifted this country with golden land. This
    is often attributed to Vastu principles applying to India as a whole.
    Even if one herb Katuki is now an endangered specie, many other herbs
    are available inexpensive. While many herbs are used in root forms,
    author prefers a herb which can be grown in house itself, without
    having to pay much attention. If you feed a little vermicelli
    compost every week, you will get best quality organic herb having
    maximum medicine content.

    Nature has given us many herbs to obtain and maintain health. Amongst
    such herbs, Ginger, turmeric, amalaki and aloe vera come in fore
    front. They can be planted in house garden too. We take aloe vera
    here for discussion. Previously author described its use in menstrual
    disorders and cosmetics in messages #1464

    For those with science mindset, author would like to take you to an
    article giving fascinating and a little romantic history by a doctor,
    who spent a number of years studying and experimenting with aloe vera
    in clinical setup. He clearly recommends using it in its natural
    form, not processed gel etc In particular, its use for arthritis and
    cancer too requires reading this link. It is surprising that a plant with anti-oxidant properties should survive in most harsh and dry environment with very little water.

    As a liver herb, aloe vera causes deepana, enhancing the agni
    (hunger), improves digestion, reduces undigested ama which gets
    produced when rasa is converted to rakta dhatu. It purifies mamsa and
    meda dhatu also, reducing meda, or reducing excess fat by activating
    liver. In todays world, so many obese people exist, they are all the
    time worried about excess fat/weight, out-of-shape body, sluggist
    reproductive health and reducing mobility. Aloe vera can address this
    type of obesity buildup.

    After an attack of jaundice, if aloe vera is continued for long
    time, liver does not get enlarged again and jaundice does not re-
    visit. Vaidyas use aloe vera along with other herbs such as ginger,
    haritaki(Terminalia chebula), kalmegh(Andrographis paniculata) while
    treating stomach disorders. Aloe vera has amazing curative properties. While it is named "Ghrutkumari" in Sanskrit, "Ghee-
    Kunwar, ghee-kuvar, guarpatha" in Hindi, "Korphad" in
    Marathi, "Lolisara" in Kannada,"Kumari" in Malyalam and
    Oriya, "Chirukuttali" in Tamil and "Chinna kalabanda" in Telgu.

    Its plants are one to two feet in height, having leaves about one
    foot in length (stretching from human elbow joint to end of palm).
    The leaves have thorns on both edges, and if you cut the leave
    transversely a shape like half moon, concave one side and convex back
    side will be seen. Aloe is also found in South Africa and arab

    Aloe is cold, very "snigdha", sticky, pungent after digestion. Its
    extract or ghansatva is easier for digestion, dry, pungent and
    warming. Generally aloe balances all three doshas.
    Other than causing deepana and improving digestion, aloe vera is an
    elixir or sanjivani for liver. The enlargement of liver as a result of jaundice,
    free radicals from fried foods, non-vegetarian foods, alcohol, nicotine, excess
    fats/proteins in food etc is restored successfully when aloe vera is
    taken along with a little turmeric and Kalmegh herb. Saindhav salt makes it more pallatable.

    Aloe vera strengthens glow in eyes. The glow is an indicator of
    healthy balance of alochak pitta. Alochak word itself comes from
    lochana, meaning eye in Sanskrit. Most of us know that drinking
    alcohol makes the liver fatty. Alcohol is now accepted as a social
    custom in parties and gatherings. Even if alcohol is consumed in
    moderate proportion, alochak pitta becomes vitiated and the glow in
    the eyes gets affected. Author wonders how acharyas associated the
    planet Venus with the natural glow in the eyes, and also with taking
    alcohol. Aloe vera restores eye-glow if alcohol consumers take aloe
    vera for few months. Thus Venus damage is restored. Hence, vaidyas practicing medical astrology associate aloe vera as Jupitarian plant, the planet of fertility and growth.This takes us to aloe vera's contribution to fertility, an important area in todays world. Aloe Vera name is Aloe India, denoting its roots in India and South africa, countries with highest population growth rates.

    In one infertile couple, the wife had
    good health, but husband had sperm count on borderline and weak
    motility, as per their previous consultation with a fertility exepert
    in allopathy. They had spent two years in modern medicine treatments, but how chemicals and synthetic "dead" medicine can give "fertility" or "throbbing of life"? The husband had frequent constipation and gases. Due to his business hours, commuting time, he used to return home late, and sleep late. Inadequate time between meal and sex made premature ejaculation a routine.

    He was asked to keep aloe vera plant in the house. After taking aloe
    vera gel in the early morning along with turmeric and a little
    saindhav sal, indigestion, bloating and gases reduced in a month. This gel is removed from the freshly cut leaf, about one inch in length in gradually increasing dose. Premature ejaculation stopped after three months. The sperm count and
    motility had improved a lot after another six month. He had stuck to
    the routine for nine months! Slight change in the daily routine,
    utilizing the fertile days of the menstrual cycle yielded the success
    in another three months. And a healthy baby was born after full term!
    For last three months before conception, they were taking chyvanprash
    and drakshavaleha depending on their pulse.

    But the maximum credit goes to aloe vera. It has Vrisya property
    too. Vrisya herb strengthens semen and sperms. Vrisya also
    means "stambhana", or staying power.

    Aloe vera, like all other herbs addressing genito-urinal system, is a
    diuretic. It treats Veerya dosha and shukra dosha. It cleans
    menstrual flow. It is never used during pregnancy, but is a cure for
    infertility or sterility. If we hang its leaves in house, it kills
    mosquitoes. If you get a burn, apply its gel on the burnt portion of
    the skin. It cools the inflammation and by increasing cell
    regeneration, the wound gets healed quickly, leaving no scar.

    By mixing ghansatva of aloe vera with loh bhasma, asfoedtida, Vaidyas
    make Rajapravartini vati, which helps to regularize menstrual cycles,
    if delay is not excessive. Scanty flow wil increase to normal. But do
    not give the tablet if cycles have shorter spacing or faster
    frequency, commonly observed near peri-menopause. Some pharmacies, in
    order to create marketing monopoly, rename this tablet as Rajasvini
    Vati etc. But once contents on the label become compulsory, users can
    recognize the tablets as traditional only. Though India does not give
    drug patents for ayurvedic drugs, manufacturers invent their own
    names to create a monopoly and consumer brand equity. This is where ayurveda is following allopathic tracks, a disturbing trend to old timers making their own medicines.

    Other uses of aloe vera include treating Vat Gulma , hiatus hernia,
    coatings (sphut, samput, bhavna are other words) while making loh
    bhasma abhrak bhasma etc. If a vaidya uses onion or garlic juice
    while coating these bhasmas, these bhasmas become more potent in
    increasing semen and sperm count+motility. If you visisted Atherton
    article cited earlier, you know that Onion also belong to aloe family.

    Vaidyas prepare a natural alcoholic tincture from aloe vera, termed
    Kumari Aasav. If this is taken in large dosage, it acts as a
    laxative. Pharmacies sell Kumari Aasav No. 1, is used to restore
    liver function when liver is enlarged or jaundice has just set in; It is also used to regularise and balance menstrual cycles. Recently, this was recommended along with Rajavartini Vati for starting cycles after holiday to birth control pills.

    Kumari Aasav No. 3 is milder variety, useful for children, dose being 20-30 droops
    according to age, but always with equal water. Children exhibit
    enlargement of liver as soon as a fever or infection enters. After
    fever is controlled, start this formulation to restore their hunger
    and digestion and liver health. Kumari aasav being
    electrolyte, is the liver medicine of first choice; however, the
    first Indian pharmacy to set foot in U.S. became financially strong
    due to its liver restoration tablet "Liv-52" discussed in message#5921

    [If you surf the net, most of the above medical uses are unproven in
    scientific studies or unsupported by published literature. But why
    triabls should care about publicity media? IF you need health, it is better to be tribals!]

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