Monday, December 29, 2014

pay university fee through prostitution-western education brilliance

How the half-Indian porn starlet Belle Knox got her ticket to education  New Delhi, March 12, 2014 | UPDATED 18:47 IST
Move over Sunny Leone.
News blocks are abuzz with reports of half-Canadian, half-Indian Punjabi girl Belle Knox a.k.a Lauren using a not-so-new and oft-repeated method of getting her ticket to Duke University for a decent education.
According to reports, the undergraduate was left no choice when her parents - her father's an American physician who served in Afghanistan, and her mother's Indian - cut off her education funds. And she did what she thought would best help her cope with the high cost of her education.

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The sad truth in the matter is how her father, a devout catholic, returned home to find that his daughter was now popular, but not for the reasons a college-goer's parent might expect. Add to that the sad matter of the media, as a whole, the world over, not sparing any details on the girl, not even her identity or the names of her friends and family.
Suffice it to say, the entire state of affairs has made Lauren's younger siblings and parents quite unhappy.

Most media houses have dug deeper and tried to analyse the real reason behind her choice. Most suggest that this was her way out of a sexually-repressed way of living. What she really sought after was sexual independence.
Lauren, on the other hand, reportedly took to Realcleareducation to make her real thoughts about the current education system felt. She called the 'perception' of financial aid for students 'wrong'. And went on to claim that no one - upper middle class, or low income families - are spared the horror of debt.

While other students choose to bridge the money gap by taking up jobs, Lauren made a conscious decision to choose otherwise. Why? Because she makes $1,000 for two hours doing what she does, while the 'other' students barely make with a taxable salary, Lauren has claimed.
Here's what other media names are saying:
The Hollywood Gossip wrote "Before she was the Duke porn star, the youngest of three college-aged kids was an A student at Gonzaga Prep, a private school her parents paid $11,000 a year for."
"Her participation in a porn movie was exposed by a fellow Duke student after he had seen her on the internet," claims International Business Times which in turn quoted Jezebel, one of the few to first reports the news.
Jezebel reported that "a porn CEO has outed the freshman who originally connected the dots re: the "Duke porn star," claiming suggesting he's a subscriber to"
Dailymail even shared a video of Lauren's interview for an adult film.
Amongst other things said that "the petite brunette is majoring in women's studies at Duke, the prestigious private school in Durham, N.C. She said she plans to be a women's rights or civil rights lawyer."
Meanwhile RYOT talks about "How Duke University Porn Star Belle Knox is Over-Glamorizing Sex Work". shares "Belle Knox's "Army Dad Not 'Heartbroken' She Has Sex On Camera".
Belle's Facebook posts
Belle Knox, half Indian-Half Canadanian Duke University student is new porn star. In days to come, she would be most searched celebrity on google in India and her followers on tweeters would go beyond present 29,700. Her Facebook page created on March 4, has a little over 1,500 likes.
Her recent tweets and Facebook posts  are more about revelation of her identity whereas previous on twitter were, well, what one expects of a porn star, her porn clips and photos.
Here are a few recent ones that allow a peep into her mind but porn postings have been excluded:
I am so blessed to have such amazing friends and fans who will accept me and love me no matter what. I am blown away right now.
If you want to bully, harass, defame or threaten me from behind a computer screen, remember that Nothing you do online is truly anonymous.
I chose my profession of my own volition. I refuse to be shamed and stigmatized. I am a proud sex worker.
Sex worker rights are human rights.
I appreciate people coming to my defense, but please do not harass the guy who outed me.
How dare you tell me how I should feel about my experiences.
So even if a college thinks you can afford 50 k in tuition each year, that doesn't mean you actually can.
I love reading all these wonderful, encouraging messages. I have the sweetest, most loyal fans.
I want to apologize to the people at Duke who I alienated with my comments the other night. I have received a tremendous amount of support from Duke students and faculty. I should not have generalized the entire student body. I love Duke and all of the amazing friends ive made there.

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